How to Recover Formatted Partitions and Deleted Files .

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  • June 30, 2017

Digital data has become one of our most valuable commodities, and losing it can spell disaster. Both at home and in the workplace, digital data needs to be protected by every available means but, no matter how careful you are, there always remains the chance of something going wrong. Whether it’s a favorite family photo album or crucial business documents, it’s always good to have a backup to rely on. Nonetheless, even if you’re extremely careful when it comes to keeping your data safe, accidental deletion or corruption due to malware can still destroy your precious files. Data recovery software like [email protected] UNDELETE presents some hope, however, since it can recover lost files in most cases, even if the Recycle Bin has been emptied or the storage device formatted.

Data Recovery Made Easy

When you empty the Recycle Bin or format a drive, any previously occupied space is marked as available for other file copy or creation processes to overwrite. As such, data recovery software can never guarantee successful recovery in these situations, but it does succeed in most cases. This is because it can take months or years for the original data to be overwritten, in which case it will physically remain on the drive until then. Data recovery software uses a variety of advanced techniques to search for lost or corrupted data that would otherwise be completely hidden by the operating system and file system. The product of years of research and technological advancements, [email protected] UNDELETE offers the highest chances of success possible.

Excellent Compatibility for Higher Chances of Success

[email protected] UNDELETE works with any kind of writable digital storage medium, whether it’s a USB flash drive or a solid-state drive or even an old ZIP or JAZZ disk. It also provides full support for almost any operating system, since it works independently in the form of a bootable disk. Because [email protected] UNDELETE runs on its own from the bootable disk and RAM in your computer, it doesn’t need to make any modification to the underlying file system of the drive you’re trying to recover data from. This means that it will not damage any deleted data. Instead, it will only search the drive for recoverable data using a read-only process. The program supports almost all mainstream file systems, including those natively supported by Windows, macOS and Linux-based distributions.

New Features in Version 12

The latest build, released in March, 2017, sports many refinements and other improvements. Its search feature now supports many new file types, including OST, SVG and DB3 among others. Additionally, existing supported signatures have been improved, and the newest generation of Microsoft’s ReFS is also fully supported. Other new features include improvement in support for Ext4, JFS and XFS file systems. The program also introduces some important performance enhancements, including significantly enhanced scan algorithms. As always, [email protected] UNDELETE is exceptionally easy to use thanks to its intuitive wizard-driven interface that requires no experience or special knowledge to use. If you want to get back what you’ve lost, visit today.

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