How To Avoid Mistakes In Direct Mail Copywriting

Since direct mail copywriting has become such a potent tool for getting your advertising message across to your audience, it is important that you avoid making foolish mistakes while writing a copy for your ad. A fresh, terse and precise copy with an attention grabbing headline is more effective than a long convoluted copy providing excessive details. With the following tips you can make your life as a direct mail copywriter much easier! Remember, copywriting is not rocket science. It is quite simple if you pay attention to the tiny details that are often overlooked.
Do not use long drawn out convoluted sentences and paragraphs which in turn make your copy read dull and boring that would have no effect on your audience…. You must feel tired after reading that sentence! This is what excess detail does to you. To put it simply: Use short words and phrases for maximum effect. Your words and paragraphs should flow naturally and require no effort from your audience while reading. One good way of shortening your copy is by using numbers and bullets. Those are easy on the eyes and are easily remembered as well.
Address your audience as much as possible in your copy. Using the word ‘You’ proves to be very effective as your audience feels connected to you instantly.
Use strong attention grabbing headlines. For instance, you can sum up your goal (for writing the copy) in your headline as: ‘X’ ways to drive away Monday Morning Blues. Using a number automatically quantifies your intention and an odd number makes it feel even more credible to the audience. Make sure your headlines include keywords for better search engine optimization.
Use your imagination while writing your direct mail copy. Instead of sticking to plain and simple business language, take a cue from fairy stories, children’s books and the like to draw inspiration. Creativity creates an impact in the minds of your audience. But be careful and don’t get carried away by your imagination. Make sure that your message rings loud and clear and not hidden under a canopy of beautiful flowery words. Stress on your product’s benefits in your copy rather than its features. In fact, you can base your copy on your products’ benefits and let them stand out loud and clear for your audience to see. Remember, if you can sell your products’ benefits, you are halfway through selling your actual product!
A good way of increasing your credibility is to use testimonials in your copy. Use quotes, attribute words and phrases to people who uttered them. It is important to ask for the feedback of your audiences whether over email or snail mail so you can include them in your next copy. Never fake testimonials! It may serve your purpose in the short run but you know that you are nothing but kidding yourself!

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