How Much Do Content Writers Charge – And Is It Worth It

If you’ve ever wondered how much content writers charge for their services, the answer to that question is, it depends. Is it worth spending your hard-earned money to hire a writer to write your articles, web pages and other content? If you choose a content writing service that understands SEO and is capable of crafting well-written, informative content, absolutely. However, until you try someone you really do not know what the quality of their writing will be, unless they provide you with samples of their work.
Truthfully, you can find writers that offer their services for as little as $1 per 100 words – but in all likelihood, the quality will not be that great. Why? To write the average 500 word length article, it will take a good writer 45 minutes or longer to research the topic and write an article or web page that is well optimized for the search engines, and provides value/enjoyment/information to the reader. At $5 per article, that is less than minimum wage in the United States – a good writer values their time and ability more than that.
Many content writers charge by the word, but not all of them base their rates this way. Some choose to work by the hour, or by the page/project. Generally speaking, you will find that most experienced, capable content writers charge anywhere from.25 to $2 per word. So, you can expect to pay between $12.50 to $100 for a 500 word article – an article that is naturally optimized for search engines, and valuable to the reader. If you have a very limited budget, you can easily find quality writers that write for far less than $100 per article.
In general, most who offer content writing services will average $25 to $200 per hour, but hundreds per hour is not typical. If you browse the web in search of professional content writers, you will find the average cost for a 500 word article is $10 to $50. However, you should look at what you are getting for your money as much more than a simple article; this content can be used on your website or blog, submitted to article directories, used as a page in a eBook or even as an email in your autoresponder series. Articles are multi-purpose, and should be used in as many ways as possible – so you really do get a “BANG” for your buck!
Is it worth it to spend $15 or $20 for a single article? If you choose content writers who are talented and knowledgeable about search engine optimization, absolutely. Content is what drives the search engines, and with great content that is 100% unique, your traffic will increase and rankings for your chosen key terms and phrases will improve. Isn’t that what it is all about?

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