Article Writing Process – The Outline

Why is there a need to have an outline of your article first before you start the actual writing? Could you really start writing continuous flow of words that makes sense without making a pre-planned format? Maybe that’s applicable to some unique individuals who’ve had plenty of experience writing articles, but most of us need the aid of keeping our files organized.
You need an outline to give you ideas of what to write in your article, as well as the topics that need to be covered. Contained within this article are more detailed answers concerning why it is so important to have an outline of your article.
Importance of Outlining
Just imagine building a house without an outline or a more fitting term is a “blueprint” of the house. Without a blueprint, you’re building a weak foundation for a house causing it to tumble down in destruction.
Having an outline gives you preparation making the writing process easier and also provides you with organized ideas. Once you have your outline written, you’ll be able to write continuously with little interruptions.
Outline Format
Here’s the outline format that I follow when writing my articles. I start off with deciding the article title and that gives me ideas on what topics I should include or on what to write for my introduction. There are some people who tend to write the body of the article first then decide last on the article title. Whatever works for you is a fine choice nonetheless.
1. Title
This is definitely the first thing that many readers will look into. They’ll examine whether it’s the needed info that they are looking for, if not they’ll find other articles worth their time to read.
2. Introduction
This also must grab the attention of the reader. Both the title and introduction must be enticing enough for people to read on further.
3. 3 Topics about your article
This is where you really fill in the content of your article. Include about 3 topics that you’ll be covering about your article. It could be methods, techniques, tools, common mistakes, etc.
4. 2-3 subtopics supporting your topic
It has to be informative but don’t make it too long because people might just get bored of reading if you’re just giving them pointless babbles that won’t help them in anyway.
5. Conclusion/Summary
This is where you summarize all of the things you’ve discussed in your article.
It would look like this:
Topic 1
Sub Topic 1
Sub Topic 2
Sub Topic 3
Topic 2
Sub Topic 1
Sub Topic 2
Sub Topic 3
Topic 3
Sub Topic 1
Sub Topic 2
Sub Topic 3
Now, you have an idea of how to outline your article. Start by deciding on a title, create a well-written intro, what topics you should cover, what are the subtopics involved in your main topics and finally your summary. Be sure that every element in your article are related because sometimes when you’re “in the zone” of writing, you get carried away and you’ve actually strayed away of what you’re really writing about. That happens to a lot of people even me. When I’m in my writing mode I just keep writing and writing then when I review what I’ve written, I realized I got off course and wrote about things that not even actually related to the topic I’ve chosen. So remember all of the important stuff I’ve told you and you’ll create a great article that many readers will enjoy.

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