PLR Disasters And Plagiarism Claims

The other day, I noted that there was someone out selling “private label rights” software and they were targeting online article authors, people like me. Of course, I won’t touch the stuff because to me it sounds like cheating, but there are so many other problems with it I don’t even know where to start. If you are using this type of software to create articles and post them on the Internet, on your blog, or anywhere else you are just asking for problems. Let me give you an interesting scenario, a total nightmare, one which I consider to be a potential PLR disaster.
Let’s say, that you created an article using such nonsensical software and post it online while you duly claim it to be your own. In doing so you are lying because it is not your own creation, it’s someone else’s, and is something that you bought. Now then, you might put a copyright notation at the bottom, even though it is invalid because you can’t copyright something like that, or you shouldn’t try as it is unethical to do so as someone else wrote. You don’t know who that someone else is – after all you just bought the software and posted the article.
Meanwhile, many other people did the same thing, perhaps hundreds if not thousands of other people with the exact same article, or perhaps slightly modified with their name signifying them as the author. That’s a scary thought, everyone claiming an article as their own. If everyone is claiming that they wrote it, they are all charging anyone else who has the same article with plagiarism. Are you beginning to see some of the other problems with private label rights? Not only is it disingenuous to use such content and claim it as your own, but you could find yourself delisted in the search engines, or called onto the carpet by a regulatory agency or the copyright police, as the Internet changes.
That’s a real problem if you ask me, not to mention the fact that it clutters up the Internet with duplicate content all over the place, while all the people using it are shielding themselves from the reality that they didn’t write any of it. That is false and misleading for the reader, it is deceptive, and it lacks integrity. Sometimes I wonder who is worse; those that sell this software, or the article authors who wish to cheat and therefore they buy it to save time without ever considering the ramifications in the future. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and stay away from this nonsense, PLR is bad news.

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