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Article writing doesn’t have to be the arduous event some people perceive it as being. Is this how you see it? You may find yourself staring at a blank page (paper or electronic) and not knowing what to write. You may have a problem getting yourself started or once started, not know what to say next. I’ll talk about what I learned recently when I spent three days with Connie Ragan Green and Jeanette Cates in their Online Revenue Workshop. One of the topics they taught was ‘How To Write an Article.’
Writing articles is something I too tend to have trouble with. I have no problem sitting down and talking with someone face to face and brainstorming ideas that will help grow their business. It’s when I sit down in front of that empty page that my brain freezes. I brought my problem to my Mastermind group and they gave me the idea to start a series of articles using the letters of the alphabet and write an article on my area of expertise – Growing Your Small Business – for each letter. So here I am with the letter ‘A’ and I’m talking with you about Article writing. You can use this same tip (A to Z series) as a way to come up with at least 26 ideas for writing your own articles. Ask for help from your clients if you get stuck not knowing what to write for a particular letter. Your clients are the best ones to tell you what it is they want to learn from you. All you have to do is ask.
So now that you have your first problem solved and you know what to write about, how do you actually get started? Well here’s what to do. Make your very first sentence a statement of fact that’s relevant to your topic. You can see how I started this article with exactly that kind of sentence. I just stated a fact that I believe to be true, especially now that I’ve learned these steps I’m teaching you.
Within that first paragraph, your next couple of sentences should include at least three focus points you are going to discuss within the article. The discussion of each of these focus points solve your final dilemma of what to say next. You just create a paragraph for each focus point and write about each one.
Here’s an extra tip for you that I also learned from Connie Ragan Green: You want your article to be at least 400 words so once you reach that point, you’re finished!

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