A Few Ideas About Creative Writing

Creative writing, or the will be creative within the boundaries of your writing is a part of the makeup of any writer. This leads to the desire to produce work that is unique and informative. All the while the idea of being a creative writer means that you are willing to take a fiction or non-fiction book and maintain the facts or the rules of the work. Any writer can be creative in many areas: blogging and online writing, writing nonfiction, and creative writing.
Creative writing is the biggest of these three general ideas, and if it not a more academic piece, can be used with most any style of writing.
This does not mean that editing your work should come second place, rather you should be creative and be willing to expand on how your work is written. For example, if a writer is writing a non-fiction piece, which is not an essay style or a research paper can benefit from the use of some creative writing methods, such as a narrative format in the writing.
This does mean that you as both writer and editor you will need to decide what is the best method for being creative. Some times it is helpful to brainstorm and write whatever comes into your head to get your ideas flowing. This is a great way to be creative in terms of creative writing. Most writers will benefit from methods like brainstorming.
This works especially well with novels where your characters are evolving- at least in the rough draft stage- so outlining is a good practice as well. Still, a great way to be more creative in your writing is to write your chapters in the format of a short story with the larger picture still intact. Often this improves the way a writer will write.
The goal must be to publish a book which is interesting for readers and has a point and focus. The writer has one goal, the book must be creative enough to be memorable, yet grounded enough that the reader will enjoy the creative flow.
Another way of viewing creative writing is that it is you and your mind that creates the original content and you work to prefect it over time. Again it is not meant as an excuse to continually have “work in progresses” for many years. There is a time and a place to be creative and a time and place to publish that creative writing.

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