Creative Writing Tips – Emulating Writers You Admire

An original writer is appreciated centuries after centuries. They become role models and creators of masterpieces that define literary culture. The perfect blend of words, harmony in thought and an accurate creation of the mental picture just as the author perceived it, defines the identity of a creative genius. These works of art are appreciated by readers of all ages and become a benchmark for future writers.
Most of us have a favorite author who has influenced us in such a way that we would do anything to become like them. Getting influenced is a positive way to start a writing career. However, the emulation has to stop when it is border lining plagiarism.
The ideal way to emulate the writers you admire is to write clearly and precisely. There are several online writing courses and workshops that will improve your writing skills.
It is essential to take up creative writing lessons as they help to broaden your vocabulary and command over the language. Texting jargons and short forms cannot be used when writing for a larger audience. Grammatical and punctuation errors are key factors that can bring down any story idea.
Understand the genre, writing style of your admired writer. Whether the setting is a romantic one or the theme is based on the end of an era. These basic details will help you to base the setting of your novel.
Next, pay attention how the characters are introduced and learn to develop them. Make sure they become an integral part of your storyline. Everything is dependent on the thought behind the story. Ways to entice the reader to move on to the next page and get him addicted to your writing style is what should be the ultimate goal.
Capturing the hearts and minds of the reader is what makes you an original writer. The uniqueness in your writing should set you apart from your favorite author otherwise it will be direct copying. As a writer, you have to add your feelings to the piece and still follow the footsteps of the admired one without repetition.
Do you feel deterred? Don’t be.
Your sincere admiration will be your driving force. This will surely lead you to your successful writing career. Always strive at it, keep focus and brush off the hurdles that linger in your path. Giving up is never an option and persistence is the only way that can lead you towards your goal.

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