Where Do Writers Get Inspirations

Inspiration, which is an influence that arouses creative activity especially in literature, music, art, etc, is generally known as a personal thing. So many things have been known to have put uplifting thoughts, feelings or aims into people. Things like nature, and people with special information, have often been singled out as sources of inspiration.
Most writers love the smell and feel of beautiful paper or the challenge of the blank screen, and thus they are highly excited. There are also writers who enjoy music as they write while others love silence. The companionship of pets helps other writers to draw inspiration while writing whereas many others take a walk in the open, but quiet environment. Those who like noise crave the hustle and bustle of a cafe, restaurants, bus stops and subways for inspiration.
I have often enjoyed taking a nap to recuperate after being exhausted by the labour of writing a single sentence. In other times I read the Bible and love participating in track and field events, discussions and debates, but do not enjoy eating while writing, even though my friends argue that great works flow from sticky fingers. I also enjoy sharing ideas with friends, especially those that do awkward things. I have once visited a writer friend who purposely leaves an apple in his desk drawer to have it perfume the room with its fruity scent.
Many writers have their different ways through which they receive uplifting thoughts. This tells us that God’s resources are limitless, His wealth is infinite. As His children and heirs, all that God has belongs to us. This is what gives writers the power to function at the level of super-abundance.
However, every writer functions at different levels. There are those at the first level, where they have just enough inspiration to get by. Some, however, are on the next level where they have more than enough inspirations to enrich themselves and others. Then, there are those who are in the arena of inspirational abundance, where they can do so much for themselves and for many others. It is God’s desire for writers to move from the realm of abundance into the realm of super-abundance, where they will be strong enough to do whatever they want to do, as far as writing is concerned. This is the level every writer is striving to function in, where he/she is able to impact lives, and at the same time change his/her world.
The world today needs such great minds that are willing and able to bring succour and relief to the hungry souls amongst us. Writers are great givers, and the Bible says that a generous man is blessed for giving; writers are highly blessed for giving to the society through their literary works. Through giving, writers multiply riches and wealth. As a result, they keep looking out for opportunities to be a blessing to others through inspiration.
Vitus Ejiogu is a writer and publisher with the Fire-Brand Int”l Ministries, a media ministry that is based in Nigeria.
He is the editor of FOUNDATION SATELLITE magazine also published by the ministry. He pastors a Church in Bauchi and is married with two children.

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