Proven Basics Of Sales Copywriting That Guarantee You Will Never Get It Wrong Again

The subject of sales copywriting has been toyed with and given shape by many authors. Truly it is a vast subject that can fill entire encyclopedias. That is because there is no one particular method of writing an effective sales copy. It is as subjective a topic as ‘beauty’ or perhaps even ‘happiness’! However there are certain basics which one cannot go wrong with. And that’s exactly what we explain here.
An old adage regarding sales copies goes like this: customers buy benefits and not features. When a customer looks at your product description he or she would be wondering: SO WHAT? Essentially the single question in their minds would be: what help or use would it (your product or service) be to me? Therefore, you have to learn to sell the benefits of your products first through your copy before selling the actual thing.
Remember, you are not alone in a world swarming with other people selling perhaps the same product as yours. Competition would be rife. But your product has to prove, only with words mind you, why yours is the best. What should compel a customer to do business with you? Do you offer the lowest price? Do you offer the fastest delivery? The best guarantee? Any freebies? This is the basic fact of marketing: outdoing your competitors. Once you figure that out and incorporate it into your sales copy, you are more than halfway home!
A golden rule to remember is: don’t keep your customers waiting. Make sure that your site loads fast-within 30 seconds or less. Your typical customer is a click happy individual that takes a sadistic pleasure in murdering your hopes of making a successful sale! Okay, well, they are not so cruel actually, as long as you can keep them happy and not test their patience! Your page should also have a nice layout. Experiment with colors. So what if you are selling something as boring and serious as arthritis curing pills! You can always make your site look cheerful. Make good use of graphics, pictures, and videos. If possible use video testimonies given by real users happy with your product or service. That makes your product sound so much more effective.
Pay attention to your headline. This is where most of the sales are either made or dumped. Don’t be afraid to experiment with catchy words and even lines from your favorite country singer! Make your copy easy to read. Don’t keep the font size tiny so that your copy looks like it’s littered with ants! And don’t make them too big either. That way it would look as though you are selling your product to toddlers. Basically whatever size you use, it should be legible and easily.
Well, this list by no means is the most exhaustive one about writing the perfect sales copy. But it certainly compiles the basics you need to keep in mind. However, if you are still in doubt, the best thing to do would be: identify a group of potential customers and interview them to know their likes and dislikes about your product or service.

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