Creative Writers Tips And Tricks

Let’s get down to business here. No fluff, just the things you can do if you are a freelancer writer and need to buff up your skills. So here goes:
Take a quick free online writing test. I am not going to name specific sites as so many people use so many different ones. Google it. Google does know everything! This is so you get an idea where your strengths and weaknesses may lay in creative or freelance writing.
Research! Always, there is seriously no way around this. Unless you have specific knowledge about a service or industry you can always plan to spend a minimum of five minutes going over the basic ideas for your article. That is if the topic is generally familiar to you and further dependent on how long your article or blog will need to be. If you have to do an article about the roofing industry and you do not know what a shingle looks like, then plan on at least fifteen minutes per article.
Make sure your article flows. Provide an intro, a generalized idea or purpose to your topic/product and wrap it up with a close. For instance if you are promoting a product. Open the article with the things that may cause you to need that item. Gain your title from that important bit of information. I.E. Lotion: Why Are My Feet So Dry? In the next paragraph, or body, you will explain the pros and cons of the product. I.E. Our lotion has extra moisturizers specifically targeting the skin on the feet!. And end the article with a close, or a wrap up of why they really must have this product. I.E. With our lotion product being the most affordable and promising results you will absolutely want to try our product! This will give the overall informative value to the content of most articles or blogs you may be asked to write.
Spell check for petes sake. Do yourself a favor and re-read your own articles at least once before you submit them. There are some incredible freelance writers out there, I can promise you that. But if you ever want to make more than 1 dollar per article or blog, start spell checking and proofreading your own work!
These are some very important tips for getting started in freelance writing. If you find that these tips are not easily accommodated then perhaps freelance writing is not for you. If you can easily remedy any mistakes you have made with these few simple tips, then you may just have a very lucrative career in online freelance writing!

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