Established in 1945, this company is one of the leading companies in the market of men and women fashion accessories, in particular silk scarves.
Since its very beginning the basic values of the company development have been creativity, manufacturing know-how, international perspective and management ethic.
Thanks to a highly skilled team of professionals, continuously involved in probing the latest fashion trends, searching new fabrics, developing new gorgeous designs, setting up more and more advanced collections, it is a recognized leader in the fashion accessory industry and a basic component of the “Made in Italy” excellence.
Because of its professionalism and its dedication to cutting-edge creativity and manufacturing, the company is a partner of some of the most popular international fashion brands.

Silk scarves, foulard, shawls, scarves, stoles, bandanas, neckties, ascot, bow-ties are fashion textile accessories that are great promotional items and perfect corporate gifts too. A highly creative and skilled team helps the customers to find the best solutions for any specific requirement.

Hand painted, vibrant silk scarf designs add that extra touch of elegance to women’s casual and business attire. Luxurious silk scarves will supplement customers wardrobe with color, shine and originality.
Each silk scarf or silk wall hanging begins with the artist’s original design transferred onto white, 100% silk fabric. Using the Serti silk painting technique, the design is then outlined with resist and painted with high quality, fiber reactive dyes, specially formulated for use on silk. Each piece is steam set to ensure brilliant, permanent colors.
The Serti (closing or fence) technique is the silk painting technique where designs are formed with water-based resists, which are applied to white silk scarves or yardage that has been pre-washed, dried and suspended on a frame. Once the resist has dried, it acts as a barrier for the silk dye, keeping the color within the outlined areas of the design and allowing you to achieve sharply defined borders. Without this barrier, the silk dye would flow into more of an abstract, undefined pattern. After the dye has been steam set, the clear resist is removed and a defining line the color of the original silk fabric remains.
The quilted silk wall hangings are machine stitched using a free motion technique and selected pieces are embellished with beads, crystals and sea shells. The silk scarves and silk wall hangings are available in a variety of design and color variations and at wholesale prices to licensed retailers and custom designs for the scarves are available.

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