The natural soul of the beauty routine: Frantoio Bonamini’s “Quotidiane Evasioni”

Verona, June 2017 – Frantoio Bonamini, mouthpiece of the extravirgin olive oil in the whole world and of the Made in Italy’s excellence, year after year try to satisfy the consumers’ research of “wellness’ ingredients”, thanks to its extravirgin olive oil cosmetics line, “Quotidiane Evasioni”.
2017 cosmetics trend is about the unification of beauty products’ innovation and technology with a green soul; and this is the perfect background which olive oil fully satisfys market requests, offering an exclusive ritual that becomes a truly luxury for the skin.

A rich and nutritious formula, increased by the use of olive oil: this is the precious recipe of Bonamini’s products.
The cosmetics propositions of Frantoio Bonamini satisfy the necessity of finding the right solution for skin’s treatments that are always more innovative and efficient, without moving from the natural soul of the formulations.
The winning union is the one between the main ingredient, the extravirgin olive oil, and hyper-technological active principles, outcome from an accurate scientific analysis, dermatologically tested and suitable to maintain unchanged the hydrolipidic equilibrium of the skin, with strong antioxidant properties that are able to prevent the ageing of the skin.
From natural soaps to oils for cosmetics use, together with body lotion and face creams, Frantoio Bonamini takes care of the skincare routine with the same attention that has for a correct alimentation, healthy and natural.

“Last but not least, marked attention is for the sustainability, that since ever the Frantoio has take care of” says Sabrina Bonamini, the owner. “That’s why the Bonamini’s cosmetics line is an extremely tempting choice for all the natural remedies’ lovers and for who care about the environment”.

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