Powerful File Sync Software Allows Team Members To Share And Synchronize Documents Of Any Type

EdocSync helps team members to share, co-author and synchronize documents of any kind. EdocSync significantly simplifies, optimizes, automates the management of documents and enhances the efficiency of the work processes surrounding the lifecycle of many document types used today, such as merging, versioning and sharing.

File sync software is an absolute essential in a busy office-type environment. With the large number of documents of many different types that you need to handle, it can get very confusing when it comes to keeping track of versions of various documents. Without synchronizing your documents, it can also be easy to lose the latest versions and can cause all sorts of problems. Still, synchronizing is not enough, because it can lead to more confusion if at the end you have multiple copies for one document without knowing from whom, when and if you did read them or not.

Designed to benefit your company by making everything much easier to keep track of, EdocSync cumulates basic features of current synchronization software with real collaborative features such as online and offline access to your shared documents, automatic detection of simultaneous version, enhanced mobility and immediate access to shared data.

EdocSync is a must for the busier and sophisticated commercial environments. Easy document sharing, tracking and organization for your company. Simple one-click installation. EdocSync easily manages your files and track updates and changes in real-time. You will be able to organize documents of any type, merge documents, view status of various documents and EdocSync will also automatically manage versions for you so that you keep track of exactly how documents are changed and how you are sharing them with your colleagues. You will also be able to place newly created documents at any stage in the version history of each document. It allows you to monitor the complete life cycle of documents and even edit them simultaneously with other team members. There are also a number of security enhancements including the ability to manage access rights to various documents and folders or the possibility to password protect your workgroups.

There is no central server required where files need to be stored in order to use all the features of this software. The program will handle and keep track of everything for you without having to move files around without your knowing about it.

The use of network bandwidth is better optimized allowing for faster and more efficient transfers. These transfers and file access can also be monitored for security purposes and the various groups on the networks can also be more effectively monitored.

You will be able to find more information on the program at EdocSync works with any version of the Windows operating system from Windows 2000 SP4 to Windows 7. The hardware requirements are minimal also, so you should find that it will run on older networks too without a problem.

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