The Top 3 Benefits Of Using Keywords In Your Articles

Are you frustrated with the results you get from writing articles? You take all the time and effort to write a killer piece, stocked full with valuable information, clever analogies, and colorful descriptions, and no one seems to ever read it?
Your content may be the best thing since sliced bread, but if no one knows it’s there, if no-one can find your articles, what benefit do you think you will get from them?
One of the best ways to overcome the issue of people not reading your articles is to build them around solid keyword research.
What Are Keywords?
Keywords (or keyword phrase) are the words you type into a search engine to find something on the Internet. You might start with only a single word, but in most cases that will return way too many results, a lot of which won’t be anything like what you expected.
Keyword research is the act of discovering what keywords your intended audience is actually using, the specific words and phrases being entered into search engines to find things.
How does this help you? Here are the Top 3 Benefits of Using Keywords in your articles:
So People Can Find Your Articles!
First and foremost, you want eyes on your articles. If you know what people are putting in that search box, you can optimize your articles with that same phrase and improve the chances of your article being found.
SEO – Anchor text back links
Use the keywords you found as part of any back-linking you do, both from the article itself and form other links you build pointing to the article. Using keywords in your links (called anchor text) like this helps search engines determine how relevant the links and destination webpages are to the search term.
Content Relevancy
Carrying on the theme of relevancy, keywords inside the article are essential for the search engines to determine how relevant your article is to the term being searched for.
If your article is full of clever analogies but doesn’t reference the specific keyword phrase your rankings in the search engines will suffer.
Having the search engines consider your content to be very relevant will provide you more organic traffic, which is one of the goals for writing articles.
Knowing what keyword phrases your target audience or market or using gives you a distinct advantage over your less savvy competition – you are writing directly to the needs of your market, and your articles will appear much higher in the search results.

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