Top Programs to Import Bookmarks

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  • Giugno 25, 2009

Any today’s web user could hardly imagine modern browsers without bookmarking features. They turn the way of surfing the Web into an important experience: a user can determine and access any bookmark promptly.
It seems bookmarking is the most valuable function for web users, and nothing can break this illusion. Nevertheless, the fast-changing world has its reverse of the coin. The world is always in the move. Users are adapting to geographical locations along with work stations, browsers and applications.
While they are shifting their treasured bookmarks to another location, developers strive to design an excellent application to import bookmarks to another browser or computer as painlessly as possible.
Till this dream comes true, every user needs to decide on one of the handy tips on how to import bookmarks, various online tools, web browser tools and desktop or portable software:

1. Tidy Favorites is a simple utility with a thumbnail-based dashboard that displays saved URLs as live thumbnails. It allows users to see the needed bookmark many times faster. The screenshot images are grouped by tabs and folders. Users can drag-n-drop them to resize or rearrange. Choose any area of your favorite page which you would like to be enlarged, and Tidy Favorites will present the latest updates on it automatically.
You can synchronize bookmarks between web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera), export and import bookmarks to/from them in several seconds.
The recent version 4.0 includes bookmarks synchronization between all PCs and a search function within bookmarks.

2. Bookmark Buddy is both a bookmark and login manager which manages saved URLs and shortcuts easily, keeps login details and securely encrypts them. To avoid having duplicated links, Bookmark Buddy finds and deletes duplicates, checks bookmarked sites for any changes.
As the previous program, this one is compatible with all major web browsers. Yet, it includes an import bookmarks support for Firefox only.

3. Powermarks helps to get rid of the plain folder and hierarchy system of organizing bookmarks, and helps to create, find and browse wide collection of saved URLs. It also comes with an intelligent webpage status checking, proxy and HTTP 1.1 support.
Powermarks works with all main web browsers, as well; and includes flexible synchronization, export and import bookmarks features.

4. Advanced URL Catalog declares to be an absolute bookmark management solution. It lets to manage and organize bookmarks, remove duplicates and verify favorites. Being powerfully integrated all main web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape), it syncs, export and imports bookmarks to them and web-based social bookmarking services like in several fast steps.

Basing on your personal demands and wishes, choose the very tool which appeals to you best to import bookmarks.

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