With Ciaosardinia, discover Sardinia by trekking

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  • September 30, 2008

Trekking in Sardinia is an experience that you can live in every period of the year. But when the sun hits less, everything became prettier.
The Nuraghi’s island (isola dei nuraghi) has so many to offer, like the deepest European canyon: the Gorropu Gorge. Trekking in Gorropu is an unforgettable emotion, because is rich of fascination, of unique environment, of uncontaminated flora and fauna.
The emotion of the contact with the nature can also be associated with an another emotion: the mysterious Sardinian past. The Excursion to Tiscali is exactly what you are looking for: environment, culture and history, for an experience rich of feelings.
Ciaosardinia offers all Sardinia that you want, not only the high hat one that you know, but also the wild one that you dreamt of.
The ideal and complete way to enjoy the wild Sardinia and its enchanting landscapes is without any doubt a trip by cycle.
If you love Northern Sardinia, you can enjoy it with the Emerald Coast by bicycle. In the northeast, a short bike trip that will reveal to you this enchanting Mediterranean spot. From the charming little towns of Palau and La Maddalena to the silent beaches of Caprera unto the stretch of coast known worldwide as the Emerald Coast, always on the magazines for its Dolcevita and famous visitors.
Biking in Sardinia is spreading, day after day, between passionate who came from far away in the island. As a matter of fact thanks to the Mountain Biking, it is possible to drive long distances and visit many areas, otherwise reachable only by car or by very long walks.
If you wanna enjoy Sardinia by Bicycle, on Ciaosardinia you’ll find whatever you need.
In the heart of the most ancient land in Europe, among mountains sculpted by wind and sun, with its deep canyons and unspoilt forests, we discover nature in its most savage form, archaeological remains which are unique in the world and traditions with their roots lost in the dawn of history.
Are you stressed out with the holiday planning? You do not love to think about “Where am I gonna sleep?”, “What will I see in Sardinia?”, “How can I move on on the Island?”.Why don’t you get everything easyer buying an extraordinary Ticket?
For all the rest Ciaosardinia, the touristic portal of the Airport Olbia Costa Smeralda, will make their best to make every wish come true!
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