Use the Umail.NET service for your disposable email accounts and custom mail options.

Umail.NET is an email service that can also be used for acquiring disposable email accounts, a service that includes features such as automatic email checking and responding, enhanced anti-spam policies and mail handling features. You can sign up by visiting

Using disposable email accounts is an approach that can be quite useful since every online resource, including websites and forums, increasingly tends to demand a validated email address for registering with them before allowing full access to their content. That is not always desirable though by you, the visitor, registrations and affiliations gradually filling up your inbox with correspondence you don’t necessarily wish to receive. This is where such disposable accounts come to offer an alternative that will keep your inbox free. Advanced settings offered by this service include a restrictive anti-spam policy that helps enforce Umail.NET’s aims, while this mainly focuses on blocking incoming spam. These disposable mail accounts are in the form of [email protected], while your main address is more like [email protected] Alias-based addresses will then utilize a white-list in order to only forward the appropriate mails to your main account, instead of attempting to identify and block all spam messages. Furthermore, you can easily dispose of such addresses without worrying about losing contact with other contacts at the same time.

The white-list approach being used for your main address book too, contacts are added when you first send them an email yourself. Alternative methods for adding contacts to your address book, and avoiding having them being reported as spam, include:

  • typing their addresses in your address book by yourself
  • having them send you a message from your personal feed-back form

The feed-back form is a feature offered to you along with the Umail.NET service and which will be discussed later on.

Quota only currently limited by existing hardware, emails can be as large as 20MB each, with as many as 20 attachments.

A variety of interface themes are available for you to select from, similar to the way themes are understood and implemented in Windows XP. These themes include different styling, colour and language options while they present the interface elements in a unified way.

Furthermore, you can tag your incoming messages and even set priorities to them, labelling them according to their importance. You can also label them to create different categories and groupings that distinguish different subjects, projects, customers etc. Outgoing messages can be customized too, allowing you to define a standard reply for all incoming messages for when you are on vacation or otherwise unavailable. This reply will then automatically be sent to every single email that you receive.

Along with this service, you are provided with a personal feed-back form for allowing visitors of your website to leave a message for you. You can easily merge this to your site by simply adding a “contact me” link redirecting from your website to this single page. The script for doing so is readily provided for your convenience, while a visitor choosing to send you an email from this feed-back form will automatically be added to your white-list of allowed senders.

You will also find UmailAgent bundled with the Umail.NET service, a simple application provided to you for conveniently checking your inbox for messages on fixed intervals that you define.

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