The origins of scarves in the past

The origins of scarves can be traced back to the inhabitants of the Cashmere region in Asia. The hair of the native goats was spun and woven by the people of Cashmere into scarves that were an ideal protection against the cold and wind. This proto-scarves were however not long and narrow as we know them today, but rather rectangular or square, they more resembled in this way modern shawls. Also the way they were worn is more reminiscent of a shawl than a scarf. The head and upper body were completely covered.
The first mention of a the term “scarf” is found in a travel log from the 17th century. In Europe this accessory became fashionable in the 18th century as a large, square or rectangular cape-like shawl made of wool or silk. In this way, the English word shawl came into the German language as “Schal” meaning scarf. In the 19th century this cape-like scarf was supplanted by the overcoat as the principal winter garment and shrunk in size to the purely fashion accessory as we know it today.
The company produces many types of scarves: from the classic scarf to oversized, snoods, stoles , made of elegant silk, precious cashmere, trend-setting fashion blends, sporty wool.
Cotton scarves are one of the most demanded fashion garments, scarf or stole add glamour and elegance to any clothing. From celebrities to common people, they have been the prior choice for all.
In the fashion industry these textile accessories poise to have great scope ahead owing to their timeless importance. Not only in winters, but the scarves can also be worn in bright summers as a sun protection gear and this, further embark on their importance in our wardrobe.
The company has hundreds of styles in silk scarves for all tastes and ages, there are many reasons to wear scarves.
Scarves are fashion accessories for any age or appearance. They offer comfort, feeling of confidence and pride. Perfect style fashion accessories offering great feeling of soft silky touch and perfect for any outfit. Offering protecting form the sun and wind on any day or season.
Many famous women around the world had made their fashion statements with a help of silk scarves. These fashion accessories help millions of women to highlight their fashion sense even then wearing just plane suit. They are varied in color, pattern, and quality according to where they were exported to.

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