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SHEis Beauty International brings you dermatological colors in only 15 minutes. A brand new music for your hair

Nov 16th 2020, Pineto (Italy) – Thanks to a revolutionary high-tech formula, SHEis Color (Italy) colors your hair in 15 minutes, without scalp irritation & hair damage.

SHEis Color (Italy) is an Italian company located in Abruzzo, Central Italy, that has created a brand-new hair color system which takes 15 minutes to entirely cover white hair instead of the standard 40/45.

The whole company’s philosophy is based on three main topics: Beauty, Health, Time.
These are the company’s priority, according to which the products and formulas are thought, studied and created.
Besides Sheis Color, which is Sheis Beauty International’s spearhead, there are two other lines: Younic and the brand new Babilon. Both for hair care, Younic main focus is to purify and cure any skin anomaly: from hair loss to eczema while Babilon (launched on August 31
st) is a 360 hair care product range, divided into Washing, Care, Styling and Rebuilding.

In this way, the company can cover any salon’s need, making stock “smart”: less products means less money spent & more space available.

Thanks to its self-stopping technology, it is possible to leave the product over the recommended time, without occurring in color variations.

The color will not cause irritations because the lift-up phase (the most aggressive) has been removed.

Tested and certified by University of Pavia and independent quality advisors, SHEis Color offers a better performance in terms of color, combing and softness in short time, compared to other traditional hair coloring products. The result will be silky, nourished hair with a truly cosmetic effect.

And given the current restrictions imposed by COVID, salons can improve their turnover even with less workforce, thus gaining a significant advantage over other competitor products.

A whole service lasts for 60 minutes instead of 80-90 with the use of competitors’ hair colors.

With 1 color tube of SHEis Color, you can make 7 different services (tone on tone, roots touch up and so on…).

Set yourself apart from competitors with SHEis Color.

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