How to Select the Right Real Estate Software Organizer

Todays real-estate market is challenging for realtors and other real-estate professionals. Finding qualified homebuyers is harder, and sellers are being squeezed with declining home prices.

A good real-estate software package will help you turn your prospects and past clients into commissions. It is no longer possible to sit back and wait for business to come your way. The key is to cultivate your sphere of past clients and a pipeline of new prospects using modern relationship management techniques. This can be as simple as contacting a prospect every so many days, sending a past client a Birthday or Christmas card, or putting them on a DRIP letter/email program for periodic contact. It’s a lot like fishing. You need to have bait in the water in order to catch anything. Every touch with a prospect is one more opportunity for business.

It’s not over when you have a listing. In todays market, it can take months to sell, and there’s usually a serious disconnect between asking and market price. A good real estate software package can help you track the progress of the listing, including promotions, showings and offers. If you do need to talk the asking price down, a service report with feedback from past showings is just the ticket.

Offers and counter-offers can take months, especially if a bank is involved. Again, using a good real estate software program will make all the difference. Track the documents that need to be signed, where they need to be sent as well as expire dates and deadlines. The best realtor software packages will even allow you to upload signed contracts. That way, you can keep a negotiation on track and optimize your chances of success.

There are a number of excellent realtor software packages available. Do a search in Google for “Realtor Software” and try a few. Look for something that offers a free trial and does not require a credit card to try. That way, there’s no risk on your part. An excellent one to try is RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software.

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