Scarves are made of a luxury fabric

Scarves are made of a luxury fabric from an upscale boutique or simply cotton. A scarf is a workhorse – arguably the most versatile and economical between fashion textile accessories. The right one can instantly elevate a ho-hum outfit, unify disparate pairings, provide stylish modesty, serve as a political statement, add a touch of glamour or simply be utilitarian. Scarves can be used to get dressed quickly.
A book about scarves immortalizes the staple, beginning with a book cover embossed with scarves that is as beautiful and delightful as any of the ones inside. The book includes 257 illustrations, nearly all in color. Among the topics are styles of the eras, designers and artists, the great scarf companies, designer and historic scarves, and collectibles.
Among the latter are many that have been used for product, company and event branding, like my especially cherished silk scarf commemorating the play “The Color Purple,” given to me by former co-workers.
The photos of pop culture icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn who used scarves to great advantage add inspiration. Noticeably not pictured (although mentioned in passing) are The Beatles, who helped cement scarves as a 20th century fashion statement.
A chapter on textile designers should prove enlightening for connoisseurs interested in collecting the work of particular designers. It struck me. I guess that’s because we don’t often pause to think much about the textile designers and artists who conceive wild patterns and who pair odd color combinations, but it’s their creativity that allows for versatility.
Bonuses are the guide to cotton scarves, advice on how to spot a fake, how to date vintage stoles, and tips on conservation and storage. For those of you who own a bazillion scarves and have them stuffed into a drawer – or, worse, a plastic bag – you’ll feel compelled to do better as you’re reminded that some scarves are so beautiful and so rare that they should be treated like paintings. Storing scarves in plastic can turn light colors and whites yellowish. Scarf tying is befuddling for many, which limits its use among some people who would otherwise wear them more. It’s not that complex, depending on the style.
A collection of scarves is essential to a classic wardrobe. Include large and small squares, oblongs and wraps. Scarves are not just a fashion item or a practical choice for warmth; it is an icon.

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