Actual Installer, a Powerful and Efficient Windows Installer

A Windows installer builder provides developers with the tools they need to package their software and provide it with a user-friendly and straightforward installation process. Such a tool is essential for providing a simple installer for your software so that your customers can install it quickly and without trouble. Actual Installer provides the features that developers need in a convenient package. It is a completely professional solution which allows developers to easily and quickly create perfect installation packages. No time-consuming or complicated scripting is required since the software takes care of all of the hard work for you. Creating a Windows installer using this solution simply requires you to fill out the necessary forms to package and customize your installer. You can also attach documents to the installer which you want your customers to be able to read during the installation process.

Actual Installer is the user-friendly Windows installer solution. However, in spite of its apparent simplicity and outstanding ease-of-use, it also provides some important advanced features. These advanced capabilities allow developers to further customize their software packages. These advanced features allow for the support of multilingual installations as well as easy modification of necessary registry and .ini resources. Your installers can also be easily programmed to check the available system specifications to ensure compatibility. Fonts can be registered and screensavers and ActiveX components are also supported. Custom commands allow developers to improve the versatility of their software. Even these more advanced features are quick and easy to configure. Once configured, the software will compile your program into a convenient single setup executable for easier distribution.

Actual Installer saves developers a great deal of time since it does not require extensive experience or knowledge of scripting. The process of building your installer packages can be done in a matter of minutes. A wizard-driven interface allows you to do this. The software walks you through the entire process, allowing you to progress through the tabs allowing you to fully configure your setup files. Even for a beginner, creating your first installer only takes a matter of minutes since there are no steep learning curves involved. You can also configure your installers to place shortcuts, create file associations and configure many other variables. The Windows installer software also provides you with features for uninstalling packaged programs. This includes support for the Add/Remove Programs feature included in Windows. Customizable uninstaller dialogues are also supported. Graphics and text can also be added to your installer packages.

Being able to distribute your software easily is extremely important for an application to succeed in the market. Actual Installer compiles your software packages into a single executable file using compression to ensure that the package is of the smallest possible size. This makes your software easier to distribute over the Internet in addition to CD and DVD distribution. The compression used by Actual Installer is particularly advanced and it is able to compress your files more efficiently than even the popular ZIP format.

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