Ezine Classified Ads – Copywriting Guide For Newbies

Many newbies can be heard saying, “I don’t need to write my own ezine ads. My guru provided in the members area all the ads I need.”
If you don’t want to remain a newbie for the rest of your life, then stop being a copycat. Improve your own skills and don’t be afraid of failures.
The path from newbie to expert always includes one or more failures. But if you keep going, you’ll soon see the SUNLIGHT at the end of the tunnel.
Sure, there is an alternative: remain a copycat. But at the end of your tunnel you will always see … just another tunnel.
You don’t like this perspective, do you?
Do yourself a service: stop right now being a copycat. Here is your copywriting guide for ezine classified ads …
Ezine classified ads are short ezine ads. That’s why it’s easier to write such ads and you will spend less money on advertising.
When you’re at the beginning of your learning curve you have to start small … Let’s start …
Rule #1. Forget the pronoun “I” and learn to use “you” and “your”.
Reason: The readers are neither interested in your person, your life, your achievements or your failures, nor in your friends and their success.
Rule # 2. Tell the readers how THEIR lives can be improved by using the product or service you promote.
Reason: It’s obvious!
Rule # 3. Don’t waste the advertising space by saying unimportant things like:
– starting & ending wordings typical for letters or solo ads (Dear Friend, To Your Success)
– your name
Reason: The advertising space for such ads is very limited. The more unimportant things you say, the less space you have for important things.
Rule # 4. Emphasize the most important words from your ezine ad by writing them using only capital letters.
Reason: Writing in capital letters grabs the reader’s attention.
Warning: Don’t write using ONLY capital letters. When you try to emphasize everything, you won’t emphasize anything.
Rule # 5. Avoid the hype and grammatical errors.
Reason: Both of them affect your credibility.
Rule # 6. Don’t mislead the readers.
Reason: It’s immoral. In addition, in most countries it’s illegal to mislead the consumers.
Rule # 7. Forget about simple and common calls to action like “Click here” or “Check this out”.
Reason: Such simple calls to action only waste the space. They are a NO-NO in copywriting. When you will be more experienced don’t forget to approach better this aspect. It’s an important one and you need to learn how to write a good call to action.
Rule # 8. Use at maximum the advertising space you buy. For example, if you buy a 7-line ad space, then write a 7-line ezine ad, not a 6-line ad.
Reason: You need to grab the reader’s attention and you can do it only by revealing as many benefits as you can. If your ad tells almost nothing, you will get the same in exchange: almost nothing!
Rule # 9. Use a service that shortens the link to your website and works like an ad tracker at the same time.
Reason: You save advertising space by using shorter links and you also track the results of your advertising campaign. By analysing the results, you will be able to improve your future actions.
Rule # 10. Write more versions for your ezine ad and ask your relatives, colleagues or friends which one grabs their attention and makes them click on your link.
Reason: No one is able to write the best ad on the spot. Even the best copywriters write more ads and test them to see which one is better.
Forget about excuses like “I don’t know how” and “I don’t have time”. Start RIGHT NOW to write your own ezine classified ads and you won’t regret it!
To Your Success!

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