Content Writing – How To Do Research Quickly And Efficiently

Many people are confident in their ability to write a coherent sentence. The challenge usually arises when putting sentences together to create flowing copy that is readable, interesting and informative. Copy on a website must be relevant to what a visitor is seeking to find. Relevance calls for making sure your article is compellingly engaging with information that is usable. This translates into conducting effective research. Yes, you have little time to spend racing about finding necessary information. But, it must be done if you really want to provide great content. Follow the simple rule discovering the who, what, why, where, when and the how and you can present great content with easy research while writing every article penned.
Who is it?
When researching a subject, the who can show up in several ways. Obviously, if your subject matter is a person, people, group or collection of people, begin by answering the simple question, who? For example, even when writing about a specific product, answer the question: Who uses it? You want your reader to identify with your presentation of the who concerning your subject matter. This is extremely important since after all, you are trying to attract people not things or other inanimate objects. If you are writing about sports equipment, make sure you relate the who concerning the sports equipment. This includes users but also could have references made about the inventor or creator. Remember, you are constantly dealing with people, so first answer the who about your subject.
What is it?
The what of a subject matter is primarily a descriptive answer whether a concept or actual thing. Answering the what is highly important since this is typically part of the answer any seeker conducts a search to find. Making sure you deliver an answer to the what in the top part of an article is also very important. You do not have much time to grab a reader’s attention, so following right after the who of it, presenting the what of it will keep people interested as you give more information leading to the why of the subject matter on which you write.
Why is it?
This is the “pitch” part of the article since every concept or thing has a reason for existing. Here is where you give your reader that very reason the subject matter upon which you write has a life of its own and why your reader needs to know about it or uses it. It is that simple. So, after you’ve explained the who and what of the subject matter – explain why it exists. If it is a sports product that has certain attributes that a specific someone uses, tell your reader why it is used, either by that specific someone or by the very person reading the article. Now, you can lead them through the rest of the article which can explain to them how to use this concept or thing plus the when and where of it.
The road map for good content writing is simple: start with an introduction and then create a paragraph each for the who, what, where, why, when and how ending with a conclusion. This will compel you to write an eight-paragraph article every time. It also provides the writer with the questions needed to be answered making for far more effective research conducted quickly.

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