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Copy writing is basically following a formula and just putting all the elements into the correct order. When starting out on the copy for your product, service or irresistible offer it is recommended that you write the sales letter first.
Break down your offer and deliver it in lots of paragraphs. People do not know that what you have to offer them, is a good product or not so this is where the sale copy is so important.
The copy has to explain in great detail all of the features and benefits it has to offer and explain how it will provide solutions to solving their problems. In general the features are provided in the sentences and the benefits are best provided in bullet form communicating outstanding value.
Because here’s the truth – People don’t really know how valuable your product really is until after they purchase it. A good product has no marketing potential if it’s brand new. Even if it’s a good product, nobody knows it’s a good product until they buy it, right? Guess what? You have to instead rely on immediate value communication by making the product look good at a glance. That’s what you have to do. And of course you want to create a good product.
Offering a bonus or bonuses with your product is a good way of increasing the value of your product, this is called selling dollars at a discount.
Having a good guarantee will go along way to reassuring your buyers they will have nothing to worry about if they are dissatisfied with their purchase and will get their money back.
Once your sales page has been completed now its time to go back to creating a headline for it. The trick with a headline is to stop people in there tracks and compel them to read more. The headline is called the hook and it needs to have some nice flavoursome bait (words) surrounding the hook. The headline is not only limited to just one line, there can be a number of sub headlines making up the range. This is known as a stacking the deck. Creating curiosity is the best form of headlines. It doesn’t matter how good the body copy of your sales letter is, if the headline doesn’t do its job of capturing the readers attention to read on further.
All good copy writers have a large resource swipe file of the worlds greatest headlines that have been proven winners over the years to model themselves on.

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