A ‘Giant’ Lesson To Help You Jumpstart Your Copywriting Success

I can’t help it; I’m a NY Giants fan. Have been for years, and love watching their football games every week. It was so exciting to watch their Super Bowl win in 2008; everyone else in the room had them down and out with 2:19 seconds on the clock, but I said, “The game isn’t over yet! They still have time on the clock.”
Yes, it did seem hopeless. But then came David Tyree’s miracle catch and the rest was history!
Now, in 2012, the NY Giants have done it again! And take it from me, I would have counted them out around Thanksgiving with all the losing they were doing. Week after week. Just another loss, just another head-shake.
Then in December, when the team needed, really needed, to start winning games, they did! First one, then a second, then all their away games, beating the unbeatable Green Bay Packers for their Division, then the 49-er’s for the chance to meet New England all over again in Indianapolis.
As I watched that Super Bowl game in early February 2012, I just knew deep down inside, that as long as the Giants didn’t let this game get away from them, they would be in it to the end, with a good chance to win. Things looked really good, when they took an early 9-0 lead. Psychologically, it probably made all the difference.
Now, I’m no psychologist, but I’ve been around long enough to know, that if you come prepared, with all your T’s crossed and all your I’s dotted, then you stand as good a chance as anyone else of winning!
That’s why the key to your copywriting success is a lot like winning the Super Bowl.
It’s being fully prepared for what’s to come. And what’s to come?
Writing copy for clients. Be sure to master your fundamentals to copywriting . No matter what you do from here on out, these basics will always keep you covered. They will become everything you need to build on.
Creating a niche for your business. Very important, and sometimes, very overlooked. Businesses want to know that you know what they need. By investing in additional copywriting programs in the fields of finance, health, non-profits, SEO, b2b, or personal success, you are insuring that clients will see you as an expert.
Understanding writing for the Web. There are tons of opportunities in web-writing, so become familiar with programs that emphasize how to write exclusively for the Web, as it is very different from regular copywriting.
Building your business. Once you have the basics down, there are many programs for learning exactly how to run your business, everything from where to find clients (which you will need sooner rather than later), all the way to goal-planning, and how to set up your business office! Ensure that your copywriting business doesn’t get away from you!
So, just like the NY Giants, you’ll know exactly when to send your special team onto the field and when to use 4-4 defense as opposed to a shotgun formation to get the winning plays!
Only just like your defense, your offense will consist of using the big promise, and the 4-U’s, and how to sell benefits instead of features. Your headlines will be directed at the perfect audience, because you will have it all prepared ahead of time. Just for them.
That’s the winning ticket! For your copywriting business or for the Super Bowl!
Just ask the NY Giants.

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