Pro Copywriting Tips – How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Content

It’s amazing how you can measure the success of a business simply by asking someone how much they’re willing to spend on copywriting and marketing. Here’s a hint, I’ve NEVER worked with an ultra successful business owner who hired “cheap copywriters.” Never. Of course, the thinking is: “I can’t afford a good copywriter, I have to go cheap until I make enough money to hire one.” Ironically, those who take this path never make enough to hire a good copywriter. This is because cheap content solicits cheap results, which equals less money to work with when it comes to hiring good writers.
Let’s look at a way to get out of this vicious cycle and get the most value out of your content.
The Great Copywriting Fee Dilemma
Okay, I know what you’re thinking if you’re still reading; there are a ton of writers out there who charge a lot but who still can’t justify their fee. How do you know the difference between those who are charging high because they can and those who are simply blowing up their fees? The first thing you do is ask them to drop their price. Tell them what other writers have offered to do the work for and ask them if they’re willing to drop their price to that same rate just to earn the work. If they drop their price more than 10%, withdraw your offer…this person is overcharging you.
Think about it, a good copywriter doesn’t need to drop their rates just to get work. If they’re halfway decent, they’ve got something else lined up or they can find it pretty quick. I’ve seen this dozens of times, writers who bid out jobs at $50 for each 500 word article. However, when you tell them other writers are offering you $15 per article, they’re ready to cut their rates by 300%? Sorry, something about that doesn’t sit right with me.
What you want to find out is the difference between what someone wants to make and what they are capable of earning. 99% of the time, you can find this out just by putting on a little pressure. Those who hold their own offered you the best rate right off the bat…who would you trust more?
Repair the Roof When the Sun is Shining
The biggest mistake people make when hiring copywriters is waiting until they need one. This puts you under too much pressure to make a decision right away, which is death to good hiring practice. Instead, create a small article job with a “trial deadline” that’s known only to you and not the writer. Pitch the job to your potential writers just as if the deadline was a “must do” and see how they respond. This way, if they drop the ball, you’ve lost nothing but about $50 for hiring them and most of the time you’ll have content you can at least use to build backlinks.
This will give you practice and experience in hiring writers and a few qualified candidates to choose from when you really need them. This way, when you’re in need of a writer, you won’t be under the pressure to “get it right” or see your huge project become a flop right before your very eyes. ¬†Good luck.

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