In Hindi “pyaar“ means “love”: a word that is a melting pot of various passions, various spirits, each with its own distinguishing characteristics. The experience of the brand Pyaar revolves exactly around this symbolism of the word, where multiple professional expertise are used together in order to create textile accessories that represent the spirit of a new world without boundaries where cultures far and wide blend together.
Therefore, Pyaar is the creative expression of a positive experience of globalization created more that 20 years back. In fact the brand, that’s just a few seasons old, refers to RADIOAFRICA, which is part of GRUPPO TRIADE owned by Walter Magnano and based in Volvera on the outskirts of Turin. A young but experienced entrepreneur in the textile industry, Mr. Magnano manufactures, like many others in the Italian textile industry, for the most important clothing companies and brands Made in Italy but with one distinguishing factor: the curiosity to look beyond, to discover new limits, experiment innovative solutions, involving people from different worlds.
“I have never stood still – explains Walter Magnano- I have travelled all over the world exploring new places and different realities, which were very creative and used unique techniques for production. With the passing of time I realized that these different realities not necessarily needed to remain simple suppliers, but could participate actively in designing and creating new products each with a story of its own, a cultural syncretism that is not only a new frontier for creativity and productiveness but for all of us.
Mr.Magnano’s journeys abroad, especially those in India, kindled the idea of creating his own brand; a brand that could meld two different spirits : the Italian design and savoir faire, endowed with a deep knowledge of the product and market, and the technical and creative capacities of the Indian continent. Many Indians work with Mr. Magnano in his offices in Turin and he has very close contacts with his producers in India. This mutual exchange has given birth to very special creations that are to be discovered and appreciated.
Pyaar represents an accessory, the scarves, the stoles and its similars, common to all seasons and genders that easily complete different kinds of clothing, easy chic, soft, sophisticated but never too stiff nor too structured. Its not an article for fashion victims but for those who love fabrics, designs, the feel and want to create his very own look with good taste, joy, passion, in one word with Pyaar, with “love”, which is recognizable from its trade mark, a small metallic heart on one corner of the scarf.

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