Hands On: PureVPN’s New Mac VPN Client is Out Now! .

The wait is finally over! The best VPN for Mac now comes with loads of new features with the latest update. PureVPN has completely revamped its apps on all platforms, but the one we’re most excited about is the Mac version of the best VPN service. The re-imagined Mac app has been upgraded with new features and functionalities to help make life easier of every internet user out there.

The newest update brings loads of performance improvements and added functionalities to the new vpn software for mac. These include three absolutely new features which make the best VPN for Mac even better. These features reiterate the company’s desire to improve users’ experience and to make sure that they are satisfied with the company’s service.

Details of new features added in PureVPN’s VPN client for Mac:

Here’s what has been added to PureVPN’s Mac VPN app:

1. Multi-Language:
PureVPN is now available in 4 different languages, including English, French, German, and Dutch. Users can conveniently select their desired language from the settings menu. Having integrated multiple language option, users can easily choose their desired language and change languages as per their need. With just a click, you can switch languages to get a better understanding and utilization of the app.

2. SSTP Protocol:
PureVPN has added SSTP protocol support to its Mac VPN client to ensure optimum privacy and premium protection for its Mac VPN users. The good part of SSTP is that it integrates with client/server infrastructure seamlessly. For example, SSTP supports password + strong user authentication (like Smart-Card, RSA SecurID, etc) using various PPP authentication algorithms.

3. Feedback:
The feedback option has been added to empower users to share their experience, suggestions, questions, queries or complaints with PureVPN in real-time. The company has a passion for becoming the best at providing services, which is why the update comes with a feedback option. Users can respond back with their valuable observation of the updated user-friendly interface and any additions they deem necessary.

Other features include:

Superb User-Interface:
The user interface has been made to look much more beautiful to the eye and friendly to use. The app size is lightweight, which means it loads instantly and does not hog your device’s resources. You can expect efficient response from the updated interface and added features to give you the best experience ever!

Purpose Selection Tool:
The purpose Selection tool is a simple feature that allows users to connect to the fastest available VPN server. With the Purpose Selection tool, users can simply click on their desired purpose – security, privacy etc. – and it will automatically connect them to the fastest server available at that moment.

PureVPN has given complete control to its users over privacy, security and ease of use. Now the only thing left for users is to make the most out of the super-awesome PureVPN Mac app and its features. So, we recommend that you connect to PureVPN’s VPN client for Mac and enjoy surfing with unlimited security for all your online communications!

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