Hiring A Freelance Writer Can Save Your Business

In this age of internet marketing, many people feel like they can do everything on their own. True, the internet makes it possible to accomplish a lot of different tasks online, but being able to do them does not mean that you are able to do them well. Writing for the internet is an example of one of those seemingly easy tasks that might be better handled by hiring a freelance writer.
Many internet marketers resist hiring a freelance writer because they question whether or not it is necessary. After all, they might be quite competent at writing content, so they feel they can do it just as well themselves and save the added expense. While there may be some validity for some people, most marketers would benefit from hiring a professional writer to handle their marketing content.
Keywords are the Key
There is a formula for writing that is loved by the search engines. Google looks for your keywords to show up a certain number of times in your content. Too little and Google will ignore your keywords, but if you use them too much Google will look at it as spam and will rank your content even lower.
The other challenge with keyword use is to be able to weave the keywords into your content so that they flow naturally. While it is important to have Google love your content, living breathing people are your customers. They are the ones that actually click the links and buy the products and services you are offering. If you write for Google and ignore how your content appears to humans, you have lost the marketing battle.
A professional writer can use your keywords appropriately so they appear natural to your readers, and are still used in the correct proportion to be effective with Google.
A Freelancer can Save You Money
You may have thought about hiring a writer, but you just couldn’t justify the expense. In reality, hiring a freelance writer can actually save you money.
The first way you can save money is in personnel costs. If you hire an employee to handle your writing needs you will have to pay that person a wage, plus have to pay taxes and benefits. When the employee is not writing you will need to find other jobs for them to do until the next writing assignment comes along. If you use a freelance writer you are only paying for the work you want done, once that project is completed you do not pay any more until the next assignment.

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