5 Powerful Ways To Kick Start Your Confidence As A Creative Writer

How confident are you in your creative writing right now, on a scale of 0 to 10?
If 0 is “I can barely write a word without analysing and criticising it” and 10 is “I can’t stop writing, my confidence is overflowing and has never been higher”, where would you say your confidence in your writing is about now?
If you answered 8 or 9 or 10, then that’s fantastic. Whatever you’ve been doing to get your creative writing confidence to this high level, keep up it up, it’s obviously working well for you.
If your confidence is only 5 or 6 out of 10, or less, then keep reading for 5 powerful ways to kick start your confidence as a writer:
1. Start a small creative writing project – and finish it. Often what drains our confidence is starting ambitious writing project after project, and never getting far with any of them.
Instead, pick something small, something you can begin and end in an hour or two, and feel that satisfaction of seeing a project through every stage.
2. Remember what you’re capable of. We all have creative writing we’ve done in the past that we’re proud of, however well or otherwise our current work is progressing.
Compile a “Greatest Hits” collection of the 5 pieces of writing you’ve been most proud of in your life so far.
3. Pick 20 creative strengths. The fact that you’re a writer at all takes a lot of courage, creativity and commitment. So there’s 3 great strengths you have: courage, creativity, commitment.
List another 17 (or more!) creative strengths you have. If a stranger were to ask your best friends and family what your strengths are, which 20 would THEY list?
4. Keep a Significant Steps journal. Get a notebook and write in it each time you make a step forward in some way with something you’re writing.
It’s easy to forget how far we can come, how we develop as writers, and how much we write, so keeping a journal of our progress can be very valuable in reminding us.
5. Write just for the pleasure of writing. It’s easy to get sucked into large writing projects and get lost, forgetting that writing is supposed to be enjoyable for us!
Write something without attaching an outcome to it, or expecting to have an amazing “product” at the end of it. Write just to enjoy writing.
These are 5 great ways to kick start YOUR creative writing confidence today.
Which one are you going to pick to work on first?

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