Secure Erase of confidential data with ProtectStar Data Shredder 3

ProtectStar™ Data Shredder 3 is a professional tool that has won numerous awards and that allows for secure erase of data from hard drives and external data storage devices, including deletion protocols.
This user-friendly solution, which runs under Microsoft Windows, enables both private and business users to efficiently delete their data in such a way as to preclude reconstruction, even by government agencies.
Thanks to intuitive navigation and helpful wizards, users can completely delete data from their hard drives or external data storage devices, thus ensuring that confidential information such as personal data, bank data, and passwords cannot fall into the wrong hands.
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Choose Effective Data Shredder For Complete Removal Of Confidential Matter
With the help of data shredder software, one can completely delete all files and information that are private and confidential. Most people rely on the computer to store all their business and work related information. When the person wishes to dispose of such documents, it is important to delete the files properly so that no third party can detect them.

Used By Military and Government Agencies to Remove Secret Files
One should install a reliable file deleting software which is compatible on windows and other computer operating systems. The main aim of such software is to remove files from the hard drive completely so that they cannot be recovered or accessed by any third party who may take undue advantage of the information. Also, no one would like the idea of their private documents being accessed by any one else.
With the help of effective data shredder software, one can ensure that the files get deleted completely from the storage drive. Generally, when a file is deleted, it is removed from a particular drive but is stored in the recycle bin. Such files can be accessed from the recycle bin by software experts who know how to access deleted files. With the help of a reliable secure erase software; one can completely delete all kinds of files which he does not want anyone to access.
The result of such software is the same as burning paper documents to remove all proof. Government spy agencies and the police force have software experts who can access deleted data from the recycle bin or some other storage device so that they can gather essential proof against a crime. Government agencies may have some secret data which they may not want to keep any trace of to prevent it from becoming public. Such government and military organizations need very effective software which can prevent outsiders from accessing secret documents.

Essential to Copy Files before Deleting
It is essential to keep a backup of the files in case some files are deleted by accident. Using effective software like data shredder will cause an emergency because the files are completely removed from the hard drive and cannot be accessed again.
Before deleting files using this software, it is a good idea that all the files are copied on a CD or pen drive so that if there is a requirement, the necessary files are not completely lost. One can download data shredder software from the internet. If he already is using an older version of file deleting software, he can upgrade to the latest version of the software.
The user should be pretty careful when using such software. It is mandatory to first create a backup of important files if the user wants to wipe all traces of essential documents regarding his business from the computer hard drive. If there are many files to be copied, the person can opt for professional help to systematically organize the files and copy the essential ones. Only then should he go ahead and operate such a file deleting software.
With the help of good data shredder software one can stay relaxed that his private information cannot be accessed after it is deleted.
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Use reliable a data shredder to secure erase private information completely from the storage drive and make a backup of essential files before starting to secure erase confidential documents.

Hundred Percent Secure Erase Of Sensitive Data
When we permanently delete our data from our PC by using basic file deletion commands, it only removes the direct pointers. The data remains in your PC and can be recovered easily with common software tools. It does not permanently erase your sensitive data; it simply means the physical destruction of data that renders the storage space unusable. Hundred percent erasures of sensitive data mean destroying all electronic data residing on a digital media while making it operable or reusable. You must take precautions while deleting data permanently, as once destroyed, it cannot be recovered at any cost.
Importance Of 100 Percent Erasure of Sensitive Data
Erased data or permanently deleted files can be recovered easily. There are numerous software applications available these days that can help you recover your deleted files. You must be thinking as why it is so important to destroy crucial data forever. Here is an explanation. Almost all of us are in a habit of storing out important information in our PC or laptops. The data may include our social security number, bank account numbers, details and passwords, passport details, email ids and passwords, or any other top-secret information.
If your PC does not have a security code or proper security arrangements, anybody can retrieve this information without putting much effort. Even if you send your computer for repairing, the company may misuse your confidential data. And the biggest disadvantage is that you won’t even get to know that somebody has salvaged your deleted data. They may use this information in hacking your email id or online bank account services and misuse the information.
Other than that, when you sell your old PC or laptop, it is good to destroy data 100 percent that there are no chances to recover in anyway. When you give a file deletion command, you are not actually deleting it from your digital media. You are simply erasing a reference or direct pointer in the Master File Table. Even if you want to wipe it completely, remember that all data erasure software or tools do not delete it totally if the password entered is wrong. They remotely destroy the data and only provide a hacking protection. But it neither encrypts the data completely nor destroys it forever. Therefore, you should use proper software applications or tools to delete the entire data so that the hard disk or any other digital media can be reused or re-operated.
How to Permanently Destroy Sensitive Data from a Computer?
Absolute wiping out of data means overwriting the part of drive where it is actually stored rendering the space operable with all its IT assets. For this, you’ll have to use a secure delete software package. You can download a free version of “secure file delete” software application or tool from Google. You may also buy it if it is not available for free. On a Mac, this application comes built-in. From the Finder menu, simply select “Secure Empty Trash” to delete it absolutely. This can be done when you put that particular file or data in the trash.

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