How To Write Ten Articles Per Day

If you’re in the article marketing arena, you probably understand how important it is for you to consistently be submitting new articles every day to the multiple article directories. Not only will writing more boost your traffic, but it will also set you up for success. You see, the more articles you write and submit online the bigger your presence it. Meaning, you will be looked up to, and people will perceive you as an expert in your niche.
OK… I’m going to go into some detail about how you can write and submit ten articles per day. Here’s what I suggest you do:
1. Go to bed earlier and write in the morning. Here’s the thing, many people try to write their articles later in the day when they are tired and stressed. If you write them in the morning, you’ll be energized and optimistic. I personally get up at 6:00am every morning. This allows me to really bust them out fast… and almost all of these articles get more traffic than the ones I wrote at night. You see, most of us are busy during the day… so writing them in the morning is perfect for our daily activities.
Here’s a general schedule you could go by each day:
6am, write some articles. 8am, check email account. 8:10am, work on creating products to sell. 10am to 10:15am, submit your articles. 10:15 to 11am, write some email copy. 11am, lunch time. 12:30pm write some more articles. Do you see where I’m going with this? Do you think that it would be easier to conduct your business each day if you had a schedule like this? Would you see more traffic? You bet you would!
2. Find a quite place to write. You know… there are so many distractions that we as article writers have to deal with every day. In order for you to be productive and increase your traffic and sales, you need to find a place where nobody can disturb you. Ask you family to let you work and leave you alone until you’re done writing for the day. Believe me… this is crucial… and if you don’t do this, you’ll have a hard time coming up with new content due to all the distractions.
3. Don’t worry about writing the most perfect article… that’s just a way to fail even faster. You see, if you worry about being perfect, you’ll never get anything written. So just make sure your articles are easy to read and are relevant to your article titles. Your articles length should be at least 400 words. This will ensure that you always get your articles approved. Make sure to write your articles around very specific topics to ensure that you get the right traffic. I can’t stress this enough… please be very targeted with your writing.
4. Stay away from topics you know nothing about. If you were to spend all your time researching new topics to write about, you would always be at ground zero. So make sure you write about what you know. That way you can build off of the topics and create even more information in that area.
5. Make it your priority to commit yourself to success. You cannot become a successful writer if you don’t have the invincible attitude. It’s crucial that you develop a mindset that is designed to make you succeed. So stop focusing on all the things you can’t do and start taking action. Don’t worry about all the details… just push yourself forward until you see results. Then, push yourself some more!

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