Creative Writing Prompts – What If

The realm of “what could be” is larger than the world of “what is”. This kingdom of sleeping probabilities is the source of any piece of creative writing. We have the power to shape and enrich reality by using our imagination. A book is nothing before somebody writes it. So many characters we mention every day would not have existed if someone hadn’t come up with them first. Our mind is a huge generator of creative ideas. By thinking about something, we give it life, we turn it from a mere probability into a fragment of reality that can be perceived by others.
So let your mind be seduced by the mesmerizing universe of “what if”. The world of probabilities has no boundaries. The only thing that can limit you is your own imagination. This small selection of “what ifs” has as a generic theme little improvements that could be done to your body to make your life and your work easier and to keep you up to modern technology. The purpose of these creative writing prompts is to stimulate you to think of more. You don’t have to stop here…
What if…
1… you could type a document in your head and transfer it onto a memory stick or straight onto your computer?
2… you were able to record your thoughts and listen to them later?
3…. your body could compose music on the rhythm of your heart beats?
4… your body were programmed to “punish” you with electric shocks every time you did something wrong and reward you with a massage every time you did something right?
5… you had an internal device that could automatically pick up your best ideas and save them in a text file?
6… you had an automatic service that sent you email alerts every time something went wrong inside your body?
7… you had an “Undo” function that you could assign to different parts of your organs such as the tip of your nose, your belly button, the lobe of your ear, etc.?
8… you had a default basic Thoughts Organizer with 4 options: Save All, Save Selected, Delete Selected and Delete All?
9… for some extra money, you could buy an advanced Thoughts Organizer, which included a few additional functions: edit your thoughts, find and replace, convert into different formats, random thought generator, creative ideas generator, etc.
10… your skin could convert water into creative energy. So every time you stood in the rain, took a shower or did the washing up, you would end up replenished with lots of new creative ideas. A shower a day and you would never run out of inspiration!
11… this is for you to write. What would you do if you had access to God’s computer and you could delete or add new lines of code?

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