The Language Of Online Freelance Writing SEO Writing

If you spend just a few days as an online freelance writer, you’ll discover something pretty quickly: online writing has little to do with the traditional writing that you learned how to do back in high school.
While the fundamentals are still the same (unfortunately, grammar rules still apply here), writing for the online world is a horse of a different color indeed. If you want to learn how to make money writing, then you’ll need to get pretty comfortable with some of the more technical aspects to online freelance writing, including search engine optimization, copywriting and web content writing.
It may all sound a bit complicated, but don’t worry – once you learn the language of online freelance writing, you’ll master these technical issues in a snap. In this article, we’ll take a look at SEO writing, arguably the most important tool that you as an online freelance writer need to know.
SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization. In layman’s terms, search engine optimization involves writing articles and web content that follows a keyword-density formula. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have clever little devices known as search engine spiders that essentially crawl around the Internet looking for content that’s fresh and original. Spiders find this content by looking for keywords, which are simply words that a reader types into a search engine to find something. And the websites that pop up after typing in a keyword are known as “natural search results”.
For you and your client, the first page of the natural search results is the Holy Grail of SEO writing. The average surfer is so inundated with information that he or she usually ends up only clicking on the first few results of the websites that pop up. That’s why SEO keywords are so vital to your clients – in fact, that’s generally the crux of how they’ll get visitors to their websites and blogs.
But don’t go stuffing the article with keywords just yet.
The most important caveat to remember about search engine optimization is that you cannot fill a client’s article with too many keywords, or else those all-important search engine spiders will blacklist the article. Some clients might need a gentle reminder about those rules – in fact, I once had to let a client know that it wasn’t the greatest of ideas to insert his keyword 25 times in a 400-word article!
As an online freelance writer, you’ll want to keep the keyword density at a healthy level. Keep the SEO keywords between 2-3% per article, and your client should be pleased with the results.

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