On-trend and natural outdoor living style with Decobel: welcome to Veranda, the new addition to the Must line

Montemurlo (Prato), July 2017 – Key trends in interior design continue to exert a strong influence on products for the outdoors, and the line that separates inside and out is becoming more slender all the time. Decobel, a leading Italian luxury furnishing fabric company, is well aware of this, and over the last few days has introduced a new addition to its Must line: Veranda, a new fabric designed specifically for use outdoors. Boasting maximum versatility, excellent performance and an extremely bright me?lange effect, Veranda is an antibacterial fabric, created to guarantee resistance to the elements and to UV rays and with a look in perfect harmony with nature. Veranda is the ideal complement to trend-inspired furnishings – for the garden or terrace – in which the frames, mainly in wood and metal, have been either reduced to a minimum or indeed removed completely, to keep the focus on the fabrics.
Available in 39 shades, a rich variety comprising both classic nuances and the most up-to-the-minute colour trends, Veranda is able to recreate the comfortable, inviting ambience of a sitting room, relaxation area or dining room, with the accent on the tactile, decorative dimension. This is a must-have solution that allows for a smooth transition from indoors to out, featuring fabrics of the same beauty and quality.
“Outdoor living spaces are acquiring increasing importance, and Decobel has sought to respond to this trend by extending its product range and creating a specific product in keeping with garden furnishing trends” explained Gabriele Guidoni, Art Director of Decobel. “Veranda aims to encourage consumers to spend more time outdoors, especially in the fine weather, by recreating a cosy or convivial atmosphere perfectly able to compete with the interior design of the home”.
Decobel thus rises to new levels of charm and elegance, continuing to come up with innovative products that offer customers a growing range of outstanding solutions, bolstered by the experience the company is renowned for worldwide.

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