The benefits of joining an auto club

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  • Gennaio 14, 2010

You may think that joining an auto club (like AAA) will give you only roadside service assistance and some discounts when booking a hotel, but there’s just a lot more to it than that. Even non-drivers should think about becoming a member of an auto club. There are just too many advantages of joining such a club to not getting into one right away.

Of course, not all stores, services and hotels will have it written about discounts right at their front desk, but it never hurts to ask. The savings you will get with an auto club member’s card are sometimes just so considerable that paying a yearly fee will look ridiculous in comparison.
Emergency roadside assistance

Probably the most beneficial feature you get with your auto club membership are the free road emergency services. Even in case you don’t have your own car, these services will definitely be very helpful when borrowing someone’s car or even being a passenger. These free emergency services include:

* Towing the car for a certain amount of miles
* Changing a flat tire
* Jump starting in case you’re accumulator is dead
* Extricating the car in case it is stuck somewhere
* Retrieving keys, if you’re quite lucky to lock them inside the car
* Adding gas in case you run out of it while being far from a gas station
* Undertaking minor adjustments and repair

Discounts rule!

Members of auto clubs usually qualify for numerous discounts (or in some cases get their cash back) on a wide range of services and products. These usually include:

* Staying at hotels, inns, motels and campgrounds
* Dining at restaurants or in bars
* Renting a car
* Booking train, bus and airline tickets
* Repairing your auto or buying spare parts
* Going to movies, parks, attractions and other entertainment facilities
* Buying computers and Internet connection
* Getting insured
* Shopping at outlet and retail shops

Insurance costs and security

You most probably are aware of the discounts and special benefits the members of auto clubs get when buying auto insurance and homeowners coverage. But the discounts are not limited only to these types of insurance, and you may opt for price cuts when getting other insurance products as well, including:

* Term life insurance for a group of beneficiaries
* Medical coverage for a short period of time
* Insurance for long-term care
* Umbrella-type personal liability coverage
* Flood coverage
* Personal possessions coverage
* Small business insurance

And there’s even more

These are just some of the advantages you might experience when becoming an auto club member:

* Road maps, travel books, atlases and printed publications
* Trip planning assistance
* Vacations and travel planning services
* Mortgage home loan services
* Auto loans and auto insurance
* Car maintainance and buying assistance from an expert car-buying process
* Legal protection and liability cost coverage
* Short term loans and cash services
* Travel checks with no fees
* Credit card services and assistance

You can get the full list of benefits and detailed information on all the discounts you are eligible for from your auto club web-page or representative so make sure to learn what you get with your membership when signing up.

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