Network Inventory using NEWT Professional

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  • Dicembre 1, 2010

In the world of IT, it’s hard to navigate throught the sea of Network Inventory Software, and that includes all too crucial Network Inventory. NEWT Professional is one of those solutions and was intially developed in 2003. Since then it’s PC Audit speed has increased dramatically, going from hours to perform large Computer Audits to just minutes. In fact, it can now scan 100 PCs in just 5 minutes, right out of the box. Very few PC Inventory products can compete with this level of speed.

NEWT Professional is useful for just about any network where a total Network Inventory is needed. MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and consultants use NEWT Pro to scan configuration many types of information for their customers. It detects most Hardware and Software Inventory configuration data including CPU info, system serial numbers, OS Product Keys, etc., but goes further, detecting CPU and hard drive temperature, USB type (1.x or 2.0), correct hard drive type (IDE vs. SATA) & true warranty serial number, monitor type (LCD/CRT), and detailed RAM Slot info.

In choosing Network Management Software, it’s important to be aware of two primary methods used to collect data. Some products use agents while others are agent-less. With most agent-based systems, files are installed on each system to be scanned, and many times must be manually updated. On the other hand, agent-less software often encounters Windows security issues, which require the user to visit those machines with issues to correct the problem, wasting hours or days of valuable time. Using special Network Inventory methods, NEWT Professional avoids these security roadblocks that can stop agent-less Software Inventory dead in its tracks. It also does away with manually installing software on each PC, as is often needed with agent-based methods. This reduces PC Auditing time to just minutes instead of hours or days. Whether you need Software Asset Management or Network Inventory, NEWT Professional gets the job done.

A free 25 node license is available a Free Download on the Komodo Labs website and almost identical to the purchased version. This means MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and other organizations who only need to scan 25 computers or less can use NEWT Professional free of charge – without expiration or ads. The folks at Komodo Labs seems to believe smaller organizations shouldn’t have to pay for their Network Inventory.

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