Password protect your files, folders, drives and portable devices with Folder Lock

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  • March 2, 2009

Folder Lock

Looking for software that can easily protect your important and personal data and is available for affordable price? Use Folder Lock, a data protection software that secures your data of any size in seconds. Its fascinating features enable its users to Lock and hide data on their PC’s as well as on portable storage devices.

With Folder Lock you can simply Lock you files and hide them from unwanted eyes, if you think that you have some really important data on your PC or on your laptop then Folder Lock provides the most secure and reliable feature of “Encrypt“. Folder Lock uses On-the-fly 256-bit AES encryption (military standard) for data security, which means that no virus can affect your personal data and it’s impossible for an hacker to sneak into your data secured with Folder Lock.

Folder Lock has many useful and unique features, its easy to use security gadget which is designed by keeping in mind the needs of the computer users who are in a search of reliable and fast processing data protection software. It does not only “Lock” or “Encrypt” your data but also hides it so that no one can view your personal and private pictures, videos and important documents without your password.

It’s easy to secure you data on your PC’s and laptops but what about the data you use to keep on your portable storage devices is that data secure? What happen if you lost your portable storage media with some of your really important data? No worries, you can use Folder Lock to ensure data security on your portable storage devices, you can secure your data with Folder Lock and transfer your locker to your usb/flashdrives, you can also secure your data burned on your CD’s and DVD’s, thus unlike other data security softwares, Folder Lock provides full portability.

For Folder Lock, security means complete and fool prove protection of your personal and private data, once you encrypt your data with Folder Lock then it can never be decrypted nor any data recovery software can ever recover your encrypted data. Folder Lock has the most unique feature of going into stealth mode, means you can lock and hide your data but can also hide the whole application, thus no one gets a clue that you are using Folder Lock to secure your personal and important files and folders.

With affordable price you can have the best security tool on your desktop, use Folder Lock and forget your privacy worries.

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