5 Things To Consider Before Downloading A Screensaver

Screensavers are small applications which decorate a monitor when it is idle. World-Wide Web offers lots of websites where it is possible to download a screensaver at any taste. , a website dedicated to free screensavers, offer a shortlist of screensavers considerations to consider before downloading a screensaver from the World-Wide Web.
Which one?
So which screensaver to download? Usually screensavers websites offer lots of screensavers on different themes, featuring nature, clocks, abstractions, famous people, animals, fish, holidays, etc. Also there website which cove only one category of screensavers, for example, 3D screensavers, Cosmo (space) or Clocks.
Where from? recommends to download free screensavers and other software only at reliable websites like ,,, where all programs are scanned for viruses, and other website, which your friends and relatives have already tested.
Free or Paid?
When searching the internet, keep in mind that there are screensavers called “freeware”, which are absolutely free, but may be bundled with other programs or include ads, and “shareware” screensavers, which are free only within a short period of time. So it is necessary to pay for it or delete it. So it depends on you which screensaver to download and install, free or paid, as there are website , which offer a real masterpiece in the screensavers industry and it is worth to be paid for.
Is it safe for a pc?
Here there are two aspects: 1) protection from viruses and 2) monitor protection.
Nowadays the monitor protection is not as actual as it may seem to be, as today screensavers are used primarily for entertainment, advertisement or security.
In order to avoid viruses, use good antivirus software and other online scanner.
How to delete it?
This is very important to know, how to get rid of any software installed and not used. Here is a small instruction how to delete a screensaver :
1. Click the Windows “Start” button and click the “Control Panel.”
2. Click on “Programs” in the Control Panel and then click on “Programs and Features.” You will see a list of screensavers installed on your computer.
3. Scroll through and click the screensaver you want to delete. Click “Uninstall” to remove it from your computer.
Note that the screensavers that come with Windows, however, can’t be removed.

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