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New project for Maurizio Marcato: photographs and video illustrating Relais Le Chevalier

Riga, September 2017The photographic art of Maurizio Marcato has once again played a leading role in an important international project, this time at the prestigious Relais Le Chevalier, a luxury hotel nestling in the heart of Riga, known as the Paris of the North.

The video and photography project by Maurizio Marcato and his staff focused on the renovation of this historic building, which the Interior Designer Elisabetta de Strobel has restored to its former splendour. The result is a refined, sophisticated setting, in French style, embellished with colour combinations and striking material fabrics designed to guarantee guests an unforgettable experience. The hotel’s efforts have been rewarded with enthusiastic reviews on the main online booking platforms, where Relais Le Chevalier features in the list of top hotels in Riga just a month after opening.

Weeks of intense work went into illustrating the various areas that make up the location: the impressive Ground Floor, with the glass lift that runs up through the six floors of the building, each one characterised by a specifically studied colour range; the 23 eclectic rooms, beautifully furnished in inimitably tasteful style; the Breakfast Area on the top floor, offering views all over the city, and the boutique, able to satisfy the desires of its international customers.

“I’ve always maintained that interior design should be the starting point for civil architecture”, said Maurizio Marcato. “People start by constructing their personal habitat, and it is only then that it is given an external shape, in keeping with the surrounding environment; otherwise all you have are empty boxes that are barely suitable for living in”.

The artist continued by describing the creative concept behind the video-photography project.
“I used the images I took at Relais Le Chevalier to create a clear, realistic, positive, pleasant photographic document, placing the accent on the authentic style of the settings experienced by guests and staff, while the video allowed me to transmit the charm of the Relais in a bolder, more creative fashion, giving it a more sharply defined, romantic allure, closely linked with the city. The video illustrates the visitor experience of guests, who find themselves immersed in the beauty of a place featuring perfectly balanced colours and shapes, steeped in history and richly detailed, and who are enchanted by the Nordic charm of Riga and the warm, hospitable welcome of its people”.

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