Forever Living Scam? Do You Need the Truth About the Forever Living MLM Business Model?

In investigating whether Forever Living is really a scam or a legitimate opportunity I am about to assess the Forever Living Company, the Forever Living products, the Forever Living comp plan together with what folks are saying concerning the Forever Living Products business opportunity.

Before getting involved with a Network Marketing Business or MLM business opportunity it is extremely common for people to research the company, its actual products and the opportunity – it is prudent to do so. Individuals will frequently wonder is an opportunity a scam or a genuine business opportunity for you to can make money.

First of all let me declare that I am on no account associated with Forever Living ahead of continuing with this write-up. I do not sponsor people in to any Forever Living downlines and I also haven’t been recruited into anybody’s downline. In Addition, I have never used any one of the Forever Living products. But I have over Two decades of know-how running a business that I began, that was a really large plus for a long time successful business enterprise, and also I have experience with the Multi level marketing business due to being involved with different business opportunities. Therefore I believe I am able to see the business opportunity with a unbiased and also alternative viewpoint because I have not made or lost cash with Forever Living. At this point I would also like to report that I do not believe Forever Living is actually a scam but a real home-based business opportunity to earn money. Let me now explain exactly why I think this.

In considering whether an opportunity is a scam it’s only reasonable to first look at the definition of a scam. Based upon Google, a scam is defined as ?a dishonest scheme; a fraud?. With this in mind Now I explain the reason why Forever Living is not a scam.

Forever Living Products International, Inc is a private company that was founded in The late seventies by Rex Maughan and has its head offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, US. They’ve got over 4000 employees and also over 9.5 million distributors in more than 145 countries. They have a reported multibillion dollar annual turnover although there doesn?t appear to be any sort of freely accessible information to substantiate this without paying for the financial information.

Is the Forever Living Products MLM Business Model Lawful?

I do not think it’s actually possible to operate a company which is the scale of Forever Living Products International, Inc if you didn’t comply with laws of the countries which they do business in. In the US the FTC has authorised the MLM Network marketing business style. As you recognise that the business model is legally compliant you realise that it is quite apparent that Forever Living Products isn’t a scam but an authentic business opportunity.

To get going with Forever Living Products in line with their website ?It?s risk free – no membership fee, no monthly fee, and no obligations to buy?. The Forever Living comp plan is centered on the unilevel structure. Retail sales of the product earns the distributors a 30 Percent profit margin, and also a array of commissions may add another 5 to 18% for up to Five levels deep and also infinitely wide. In addition there are incentives like car plans, profit shares, all expenses paid trips and so on. As with all MLM you should totally comprehend the compensation plan prior to deciding to invest in the plan. Also you should be ready to do the required steps to become a success. Nobody is very likely to offer you a business opportunity in which you don?t have to put any work in and give you assured results.

Forever Living will teach you ways to retail the products and ways to recruit new folks to the business, in the training, through a long list of friends and relations. This is great but when you use up all your folks to talk with where do you turn then? In addition, you will soon find out that many of your friends and relations don?t want to be involved with your MLM business. It is then up to you to find a way of marketing and advertising your business if you’re to continue to develop your home business.

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