How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection As A Writer

Fear of rejection is one of the biggest blocks to creativity and is what often leads to writer’s block.
Usually in the creative fields we face a lot of criticism and rejection. Some of us even grow up hearing how self-destructive artists are. We’re told horror stories about poets and writers that went off the bend and became alcoholics.
All these stories that are told to us by well-meaning friends and family members can lead to financial anxieties, fear of rejection and writer’s block.
If left unchecked your fear of rejection can negatively impact your career as a writer.
Owning your fear of rejection
Until you can acknowledge what your fear of rejection you can’t release it. The subconscious mind controls a lot of what we do and how we respond. If your subconscious mind thinks writing could lead to rejection, it will choose 2 options: fight or flight.
Because even though our external environment has evolved, our mind is still processing survival issues the same way it did 10,000 years ago. Ten thousand years ago, being rejected by our tribe meant death because it meant facing the elements alone without a tribe. To our mind rejection means death, this is why we would rather be blocked writers than experience rejection.
How to overcome fear of rejection
1) Acknowledge your fear of rejection
Until you acknowledge your fear, you can’t release it. It’s sometimes hard to understand what you’re feeling but it does help to just breathe and acknowledge that you’re feeling an emotion. It may be fear or anxiety but you need to acknowledge it to yourself – in writing or in speech. It also helps to pay attention your body because it can act as your emotional guide.
2) Understand the root of your fear
Understanding the source of your fear empowers you because it gives you a starting point. Two writers can have a fear of rejection that stems from 2 very different incidents that lead to different behavioral tendencies.
Understanding the root of your fear can help you release it and make peace with the incident from your past. Therapy and life coaching are great practices that can help you explore your fears.
3) Celebrate small wins
It’s okay to be scared or rejection. Just because you’re scared, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure or that you lack courage, so accept yourself and have compassion for yourself on this journey. It actually takes a lot of courage to admit that you have a fear of rejection or that you have writer’s block.
Take the time to celebrate every time you step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to risk rejection. Focus on the courage it took for you to do this and be proud of yourself.
4) Address your fear with practical solutions
This last step is the way that you release your fear of rejection
Do a soft launch of your writings to ready yourself for the real thing. Ask close friends to read your work before pitching it to clients.
Doing positive affirmations and journaling are also a great way to counter your fear. The point is to take action.
How do you cope with your fear of rejection?
How much more would you earn if you never had to deal with writer’s block?

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