Drive image backup and restore made easy with TeraByte Unlimited .

Most computer users have experienced the dreaded feeling of losing precious files like treasured family photo albums or critical work documents. As we become more reliant on digital data, many people find themselves leaving far too much to chance. Unfortunately, data loss happens, either due to an accidental deletion or formatting a disk, a hardware failure or even an attack by ransomware. Every computer user needs to be prepared for these possibilities, and that means not taking your hard drives or other storage devices for granted. Always having a backup in place, preferably stored in a location other than your home or office, is not just good practice – it is critical for safeguarding your digital life. And there is no better way to ensure that everything is kept safe than by making a complete byte-by-byte copy of all data on the device.

Backup and restore made easy with TeraByte Unlimited

When manually backing up individual files and folders, there’s always a risk of forgetting about something important. For example, a lot of users assume that everything worth backing up is stored in the documents folder, but that’s not necessarily the case. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to back up all your programs and even your operating system too. If you ever need to recover your device, you will need a complete copy of the disk to ensure that your applications work again, and that all your personalized settings have been preserved. By creating a drive image, you have a carbon copy of the original data. If it is a backup of your system drive, then you should even be able to boot into your desktop by connecting the device to another computer. If you regularly move around and need easily accessible backups, then using TeraByte Unlimited will save you a lot of time and hassle.

What makes TeraByte Unlimited the perfect choice for backing up your data is that it uses the same technology already provided in Windows, the Volume Shadow Copy Service, as well as a third-party tool known as PHYLock. Thanks to this component, it is possible for you to continue using your computer as normal while the backup itself is locked to a certain point in time. This is important, since complete disk images can take quite while to make, particularly with today’s enormous hard drives and data-hungry software. This also eliminates many of the problems and inconsistencies when you are manually backing up a partition that’s presently in use. This solution can, however, work with any partition, regardless of the file system it uses. Although it runs under Windows itself, it can back up Linux drives and even encrypted drives. The image files themselves are compatible across all the TeraByte Unlimited range of products of the same major version number.

Whether you’re looking for a dependable backup solution or a simple way to move your operating system, applications and documents over to a new device, TeraByte Unlimited provides all the tools you need to get the job done quickly. Visit to find out more.

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