How To Hire A Copywriter – Never Waste Money On Poor Sales Writers Again

If you’re having problems hiring a good copywriter, you’re about to learn the three things which make ALL the difference between a professional copywriter and a wannabe. I’m sure you’re aware of the dozens of books and articles out there with the theme: “how to make a living as a freelance writer” many of these sell the lifestyle and the amount of money that can be earned, while mentioning little about the need to be able to produce writing that actually gets customers.
This has caused the talent pool in professional copywriting to become diluted and made it difficult for responsible business owners to find good talent. Here are three things to look for when hiring a copywriter which will help you to get a good return on your investment.
#1 The Best Copywriters Have “In Your Face” Sales Experience
In Dan Kennedy’s book “The Ultimate Marketing Plan” he made an important point about the best copywriters: ALL of them have direct selling experience. If you’re thinking about hiring a copywriter and they don’t have prior sales experience before starting their copywriting career, seriously consider what you’re about to do…here’s why…
Before launching my career as a professional copywriter, I was in sales for ten years in the corporate world. I successfully sold coaching programs, security systems, vacations, dating services, cruises, cars, timeshares and advertising. I sold in person and on the phone and managed call centers for customer service, retention and sales. I can honestly say that without this background, I’d be flop as a copywriter…in spite of being a good writer.
Big difference.
#2 The Best Copywriters Ask Questions
A copywriter who doesn’t ask questions before they start making commitments probably has very little experience or little sense about their profession. I see this all the time on Elance, a job that’s missing crucial details and dozens of bidders offering their services. Just makes you wonder if they’re even asking questions or desperate for work. So if you’re hiring a copywriter and want to have a good end product, be careful for those who agree to terms or quote exact prices without having all the information they need to do so.
#3 The Best Copywriters Are Accountable
This goes for all freelancers. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of hiring freelancers for various tasks, and they vanish like smoke as soon as the payment is sent. Of course, you’re responsible to make sure that a project is complete before you pay your provider, but a responsible professional will STILL make themselves available and accountable if problems arise which were initially overlooked. So before you hire a professional copywriter, make sure that they have previous real world sales experience and that they ask questions before making commitments.
After a small test product, pay attention to how dedicate they are to preserving the relationship. This will help you to hire only the best copywriters and get your money’s worth.

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