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Follow These Tips To Stop Your Shoes From Getting Smelly

Have you ever smelt your shoes or feet at the end of a day and found yourself horrified at the odor?
This can actually be caused by a range of different things. Your shoes could be worn out, you could have a fungal infection, your shoes might not breathe enough and so on.
Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to stop your feet from ponging. Let’s review some of the better hints and tips.
Every night, sprinkle a bit of baking soda into your shoes to remove the nasty odors that are already there.
Also, check your insoles and make sure they are the type that don’t collect odors or make your feet sweat. It is best to choose cedar insoles if you can. Do also make sure that your insoles are unable to move about, as this could make your feet sweat by rubbing them.
If you can, although this is costly, replace the lining of your shoes with silver. This is because this increases the anti-microbial properties.
Another great tactic for removing the smell is to freeze your shoes. Washing your shoes will also be beneficial, but only if they are washable. Also consider putting some baby powder on your feet. Not only does baby powder help to keep the sweat on your feet to a minimum, it also stops bacterial and fungal infections from taking hold.
Naturally, excellent personal hygiene is also very important and you should wash your feet every day. Once you have washed your feet, you must make sure that you have dried your feet fully as well.
You should also always wear socks, particularly in closed shoes. If you don’t then your feet will rub against the fabric of your shoes, making your feet smell. If you don’t like socks, you could always consider purchasing no show socks so nobody will know about them.
One other thing is to make sure that you only wear shoes (and socks) made of quality materials.
Lastly, throw your shoes away if they are totally worn. Worn out shoes always smell quite significantly and they are also full of bad bacteria that could cause all sorts of nastiness.
Clearly, smelly shoes should be a thing of the past.
The above hints and tips should help every time, unless you don’t have healthy feet. Make sure you make an appointment with your medical professional to have it checked out, as a fungal or bacterial infection can very easily be cured with some prescription medication.
A lot of the tips are common sense, but they are often those that people forget to implement in their own foot and shoe care regime.

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