A Complete Data Backup Solution for PC .

A powerful data backup and recovery tool that creates a byte-by-byte image of your entire system, Acronis True Image 2015 for PC allows you to keep your data safe or transfer it easily between different PCs. Providing quick and easy data recovery and cloud backup storage plans to suit your specific requirements, this software provides a user-friendly, customizable all-in-one solution.

Full System Image Backup

A full system image backup is the only way to ensure that absolutely everything important is kept safe. By contrast, manually backing up your most important files leaves the process open to human error, and you may end up forgetting about something important. Although it takes up more space and requires more time to create a full system image, this is the only way to be certain that all of the data on your computer is kept safe. Fortunately, using unique, patented technology, Acronis True Image 2015 for PC makes full system backups quicker and easier than ever before, and you will still be able to access individual files and folders whenever you need them. You can also back up your system image to any type of storage media, or best of all, you can upload it to the cloud using the online storage space provided by Acronis. Thanks to improved uploading technology, it is now faster and more efficient than ever to use our secure online backup functionality.

Restore to Any PC

In the worst-case scenario, your computer could become unworkable to the extent that you cannot access the data on the hard drive at all, even if you transfer it to another machine. Fortunately, having your system image backed up externally, or better still, in the cloud, allows you to access your data from anywhere. However, Acronis True Image 2015 even allows you to restore your data on any other PC thanks to the powerful Universal Restore support. You can store up to 20 versions of your full system image and extract them onto any other computer quickly and easily and start using the system straight afterwards. If you’re buying a new computer or making any major upgrades, this allows you to restore your operating system, programs and all of your personal files with minimal hassle.

Excellent Protection

With Acronis True Image 2015, your data is in the safest hands, and thanks to the additional layers of protection provided by this solution, your backups will be virtually immune from malicious software attacks and other potential issues. Your system images will be securely encrypted, and you will be provided with an encryption key so that only you will be able to access them. To further ensure optimal security and functionality, the software is always kept up to date, and it will also take care of your system image backups for you, updating the images as necessary. In other words, with this program in place, your data will be permanently protected to provide you with ongoing peace of mind. Finally, retention schemes even allow you to keep a history of the last 20 system states, allowing you to roll back to different restore points as required.

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