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MemoMaster is a free outliner software. It collects information from several sources to store them in a database – and to get them on your screen in a well-structured manner. All important facts become available immediately or as needed. Version 3.5 allows the assignment of access permissions; use the recycle bin option or Memos may be equipped with an automatic expiration date. Also, individual Memos may be transferred directly to Microsoft Outlook as tasks or appointments.

Sometimes it’s impossible to remember everything so you need to trust your computer. The knowledge database MemoMaster 3.5 ( helps you to gather information quickly and effectively, such as researched data from the Internet, important letters and e-mails, entry form templates, invoices or created notes on a daily basis. To display everything on your screen, MemoMaster 3.5 creates so-called Memos that are inserted and sorted by a self-created structure and administered by an internal database. Memo content may be read in via the clipboard or may be imported from many file formats.

Using and organizing knowledge with MemoMaster ensures the support of a strong tool with many functions. Texts may be formatted, added with graphics or linked with other content or to the Web directly within the program. Other highlights are Calculation Memos with calculation function and spreadsheet program, full-text search, colored icons to mark Memos, definable filters, e-mail import directly from Outlook and an export function for individual Memos as appointments or tasks. Further, texts or spreadsheets can be imported directly from Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

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MemoMaster 3.5: Three Different Editions Grow with Tasks
MemoMaster 3.5 may be used as Freeware (20 MB) by private users and offers basis functions accordingly. The Private-Edition for private users is available for $19 and allows periodic downloads of updates. We recommend the Small-Business-Edition for more demanding users and businesses. It is available for $59. The Professional-Edition is available for $112. In addition, it offers an administration module, a database management tool, a user as well as group and permissions administration. The Professional-Edition supports the usage of the Microsoft SQL Server so that several hundred users can work with the software at the same time.

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