Lightness and perfection woven into fabrics: Decobel presents the Curtains collection

Montemurlo (Prato), June 2017 – Lightweight fabrics and on-trend nuances to enhance the light and amplify space: the Italian luxury textile company Decobel presents a broad selection of curtains with a unique allure. Designer pieces rather than mere furnishing accessories, Decobel curtains set a lively pace for their surroundings, enriching the furnishings of the various areas in the home.
The Decobel textile tradition is confirmed in these fine-quality curtains, with genuine best-seller models crafted from the 100%-linen Linosa 3111 fabric, which offers a large number of variants: Cordelia 3107, featuring Cordel embroidery, Round 3108, with a classic lock-stitch embroidery decoration, Stars 3109, with splendid Swarovski crystals, and Dama 3110, featuring a metallic design reminiscent of damask.
These, however, are not the only ideas devised and developed by the Tuscan company: inspired by the world of nature, Primavera 3235 – with digital printing on a cotton base – offers appealing semi-transparent effects that bring an attractively fresh touch to settings, in two variants, one featuring warm colours and the other colder shades. A floral mood is also evident in Frida 3254, Favola 3255 and Adel 3256, with a light, delicate touch for a classic yet confident style. Tantalising translucent effect for Gretel 3253, featuring a pattern of concentric circles and trend- inspired colours.
Soft, feather-light and graceful, for perfection at its most subtle: these are the hallmarks of Prisca 3232, Saphira 3233, Salazar 3257 and Tosca 3258. A dream come true for anyone who loves the light, romantic elegance of curtains that enhance the light outside.
It’s the supreme quality of the materials and the painstaking attention to details that make the difference. Decobel is well aware of this, and day after day strives to create outstanding products in line with international design trends. “We take a craftsmanship-inspired, decorative approach to fabrics, creating them with the utmost experience and an accent on innovation”, explains Gabriele Guidoni, Art Director of Decobel.
This outstanding quality has earned Decobel an excellent reputation, with products familiar to and used by the most renowned interior designers, architects and decorators to create projects that are a smooth blend of value, beauty and functional appeal.

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